Starting your Mineral Balancing Program with a Coach

Now that you have received all your information, you can begin your program. For many of you, forging forward will be natural if you follow the blueprint I have given you and start the program as follows:

  1.  Supplements and eating plan.
  2. Additional Procedures – in whatever order works for you – and adding them slowly as you are ready.

I am always here to help you with your program and answer your questions regarding your report, any part of your program or healing/detox reactions. You may not need or want additional help.

However, if you are the type of person who wants more accountability, regular contact, and personal assistance, you may want to consider my coaching program.

With the coaching program, we can decide what “you” need to stay on track. This may include having me review your daily food intake using a program that will let me see your food intake. I may need to adjust your eating plan and give you specific recommendations. Since we are all unique your provided eating plan is a starting point that may need tweaking.

It may be that you need to just be nudged on a regular basis – once a week or so – with an email or phone call -whatever works for you. You may need more assistance working through other issues and want more time than the quick free follow ups. Perhaps you want more assistance and encouragement to start and stick with the procedures.

Whatever you need – the one-on-one coaching program allows me to give you more attention, keep you on track, and provides regular contact, while the free follow up is for quick and infrequent questions one may have regarding the program.

Program Design without Coaching Program Design with Coaching
All handouts provided All handouts provided
Audio files – 2 for New Clients and 1 for Returning Clients Audio files – 2 for New Clients and 1 for Returning Clients
Free follow up for questions regarding results (Up to 30 minutes for initial follow up – either via email or phone) Free follow up for questions regarding results
Free follow up for health questions as needed (15 minutes of assistance with Healing/Detox reactions as needed) Free follow up for health questions as needed
Review of Diet Diary on a weekly basis
Weekly contact via email or phone
Individual personalized assistance as requested by you the client – tell me what you need so I can provide the best coaching plan for YOU – to keep you on track and motivated!
$10 discount on retests if you have followed the program and purchased your supplements while in the coaching program.

You can purchase my coaching program here. Click on the button and choose “open link” to purchase!

One Month of Personalized Program Monitoring:


Three Months of Personalized Program Monitoring (Save $50):


Six Months of Personalized Program Monitoring (Commit and Save BIG – $150)


Any questions, contact Doreen McCafferty at Holistic Wellness From Within, LLC

Phone – 609-468-4220