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Meditation is the most neglected part of most healing programs. It is much more powerful than we can imagine and therefore I want to dedicate several messages to the importance of meditation.

I am also expanding my services so that I will be offering some guided meditation sessions to anyone who is interested, as well as regular meditation audio files for those who want guided meditation that can be practiced in home.

All this is coming soon so keep visiting my site and reading these updates for more information as it is available.

Today I want to share some basic benefits of meditation.

1. Meditation decreases the heart rate while increasing blood flow. This allows the body to work more efficiently and with less effort and can result in lower blood pressure, improved circulation and numerous other health benefits.

2. Meditation reduces anxiety, depression, anger, frustration and other negative emotions while enhancing your ability to forgive yourself and others.

3. Meditation reduces inflammation. Inflammation is related to hundreds of illnesses and diseases. Often we understand how meditation is helpful in our spiritual development but we are not aware of how beneficial meditation is to healing our “physical” body. Meditation
is not only able to facilitate physical healing but it can be extremely helpful in reducing pain.

4. Meditation increases calmness, peace and clarity. It also enhances our creativity as our minds open to new ideas and thoughts. Reducing the clutter in our mind allows true creativity to flow.

5. Meditation helps us control our thoughts instead of allowing our thoughts to control us. Needless to say, this can result in less drama and impulsive actions, or reactions, that we later regret.

6. Meditation reduces stress. While this is a no-brainer, we often forget that stress is the cause of all illness. When we reduce stress, we allow our body the opportunity to heal. As we heal, our body is able to repair and disease/illness may be prevented.

7. Meditation facilitates holistic healing on all levels- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and should be part of every holistic healing program.

As I continue with this series I will share more information on how to meditate – including tips of creating space and time. At any point, if you have questions, please contact me via email or through my contact form and I will gladly address your questions.

Please click on this link if you would like to sign up for information on scheduled meditation sessions in the Asbury Park area:

Meditation Interest Form

More on meditation audio sessions will be posted in the near future.

Please contact me if you need information on hair mineral analysis, nutritional balancing programs or other healing protocols that can be added to your holistic healing practice.

Join me on a journey to better health, healing and wellness.

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