This article will give you insight as to how I determine what supplements each client takes and why all supplements are not for everyone. Unfortunately we live in a “one size fits all” society. We are bombarded consistently with advertisements telling us how we can lose weight, improve our immune system, build amazing amounts of muscle mass and lots of other “hype” that simply do not work. Products are not made with any “one” person’s bio-individuality in mind. In other words, supplements aren’t designed for just YOU.

So while zinc may improve one person’s immune system it can often be harmful to someone else. B-vitamins may give you energy but could be pushing you into more imbalance that can eventually lead to serious problems and even illness. Let’s look at a simple answer as to why this occurs and why not all supplements are right for everyone.

Dr. Roger Williams came up with the term called biochemical individuality to support his research that individuals have different nutritional needs. Today we tend to recommend supplements based solely on each person’s weight, age, sex and other “common” factors. While my program takes these factors into consideration, they alone do not provide enough information to allow me to determine exactly what each client needs when on my Nutritional Balancing Program.

This is why I rely heavily on the results of the “hair mineral analysis” to determine each client’s program. Of course, I look at the weight, age and sex of the client, as well as his or her stress levels, but the analysis gives me vital information that allows me to recommend supplements that will balance the body rather than throw the body into more distress.

For example, a fast oxidizer will not take the same “metabolic” pack, or multivitamin, as a slow oxidizer. Furthermore you cannot possibly know if you are a slow or fast oxidizer without a hair analysis. Contrary to popular opinion, oxidation levels have nothing to do with weight loss or weight gain.  Click HERE to read my article regarding fast and slow oxidation. Without going into too much detail, a fast oxidizer’s body is not repairing tissue or assimilating nutrients. In other words, the body is breaking down faster than it’s being repaired and the wrong multivitamin will push a fast oxidizer further into fast oxidation! This is a very dangerous place to be. 

On the other hand a slow oxidizer needs special minerals to help increase the metabolism safely and effectively. Please note that I am talking about the right minerals and diet for each oxidation level. I am not referring to unhealthy products like energy drinks, caffeine or other herbs that are toxic and may cause you to feel a rush of energy but do nothing to improve your oxidation rate. These products are extremely hard on the adrenals and only increase your adrenal fatigue, which can easily wind up making you ill. While I never recommend any of these products. I also do not recommend taking vitamins and minerals without a hair analysis that has been attained properly, analyzed correctly, and prepared by  myself or another practitioner approved by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

Zinc is another mineral that is misused and creates a lot of problems with mineral balance in the body. Many clients enter the program with very low sodium/potassium (Na/K) ratios. The Na/K ratio is known as the “vitality” ratio. It is the most important ratio to balance and zinc will lower it. Most clients need a completely different supplement compound to raise their Na/K ratio and therefore zinc is not recommended. Zinc may be included in a metabolic pack for these clients but it would be balanced with other minerals and recommended along with a compound called “limcomin”, from Endomet Laboratories, which is used to raise the Na/K.

Finally I want to address the quality of supplements. Most supplements you are taking are not assimilated by the body and are a waste of money. Dr. Lawrence Wilson works closely with Endomet Labs to ensure that the supplements are the best – and they work! I have worked in the holistic field for years and have never found any supplements that work as well as Endomet’s. All my clients receive 20% off all their supplements, all the time.

So now that you know the facts, why not toss your current supplement program and discover exactly what you should be taking to balance your body, allow the body to “naturally” chelate and eliminate metals, and prevent disease or heal illness. 

You can read more about my hair analysis at my site by clicking HERE.

I work directly with Dr. Lawrence Wilson, who in a pioneer in the field of hair analysis and has written hundreds of articles. You can visit his site by clicking HERE.

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