I don’t blog much. I realize it sounds like an excuse but I am a one-woman show. This means that I prepare all reports, audio files, answer and respond to questions, keep records and handle all the financial reports for my business. I also spend time doing many other mundane daily tasks that must be done to stay on top of the every detail required to run a business. Plus I practice self care which means I do my best to also take care of myself on a daily basis.  And as you can tell by this picture, sometimes I spend time being silly and having fun. While running a business by yourself is sometimes overwhelming it also gives me freedom to maintain a flexible schedule while also allowing me to keep my prices affordable for my clients.

Today I want to share with you how I am evolving as a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner as this is really weighing on my heart. I want to encourage each of you to learn more about how you can take control of your health and how you should carefully choose a practitioner so you are not alone on your journey.

I believe a good Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner should work with you. I believe you should be able to ask questions and participate in decisions made regarding your health.

In my opinion a Hair Analysis is the key to discovering the secrets the cells hold that can unlock what you need to assist you in addressing your imbalances and aid the body in moving towards homeostasis and healing. This type of healing doesn’t cover up symptoms but removes the imbalances that are at the core of your issues.

Many practitioners can offer this service so let’s discuss what I believe is essential in helping you choose the “right” practitioner for you.

  1. The practitioner you choose should use ARL or Trace Labs to prepare your report. These are the only labs that do no wash the hair and remove many minerals that alter your results. It surprises me that many very good doctors and practitioners are using labs that wash the hair for this assessment. Please make sure your practitioner is using a good lab.
  2. Your practitioner should offer you a full explanation of your report and give you recommendations for a program that you can follow to address your imbalances. I choose to do this with audio files so I can work with anyone, anywhere. I also find audio files allow me to get all the information to you so you can review it in the comfort of your own home. Since I provide a lot of information, that can be overwhelming, I encourage clients to take their time reviewing everything. The audio files allow clients to listen to the information several times if needed.
  3. You should feel comfortable asking questions. You should know what format the practitioner uses to respond to questions and how he or she is going to address any issues you may have. Here’s a few things you should know:
    1. Does your practitioner offer follow up once you receive your report? And if so – do they charge for this service?
    2. How does the practitioner respond to questions – phone? email? etc.
    3. Does the practitioner offer follow up if you need help with reactions, re-tracings or general questions that arise while you are following the program? Again, does the practitioner charge for this service?
  4. Does your practitioner offer you “individualized” assistance? If a practitioner uses a “cookie-cutter” program, look elsewhere.
  5. Does you practitioner offer to give you options? In my opinion, a good practitioner needs to seriously consider your input and not give you the ultimatum that’s it’s “my way or the highway”.
  6. Does the practitioner respect your right to add, delete, or ask for additional alternatives to help you tweak your program if needed? Of course – once again – do they charge for this service?

It is important to note that addressing your health does require a financial commitment. However, you should be aware of any fees that are charged once you have received your initial information and started your program so you are not caught by surprise.

Having covered the basic questions I think you should ask before choosing a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner, I would like to speak from my heart and share with you how I have, and continue to evolve, as a person and practitioner.

I began working with holistic modalities over a decade ago. However, I was also working another full time job so I didn’t give my full attention to my holistic practice.

Over the years I began letting go of my full time job and started working full time as a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner. This transformed my life in ways unimaginable.

To begin with, this was the point when I realized that I was truly following my “calling”. I had found my niche and knew I was meant to be a healer. I knew I could help people heal and find health and I embraced my purpose with great joy!

I truly believe I am called to help heal the world, one soul at a time, and that healing occurs from the inside out. Both tags are meaningful to me and my practice.

In following my calling, I decided to offer free follow up to clients so they could afford the program.  I also believe this helps them “stay” on the program. Often charging clients for assistance equated to clients dropping off the program, or not calling when they truly needed help, in order to avoid the costly fees that might be charged for additional assistance.

I offer a discount on all Endomet supplements. This discount comes out of my pocket, but keeps the program affordable to clients. If someone says they can’t “afford” my program, I know that more than likely, they need to address their priorities and find room in their budget to make it work. My program costs far less than most other holistic and conventional programs.

For me, I believe the “bottom line” will grow when I put people first – their health and needs are a bigger priority to me than “money”. Yes, I want money and need money to survive, but I no longer chase money as I did in my younger days when I worked several jobs and still struggled to make ends meet.

Today I trust that the Universe will provide and I will always have enough. I encourage my clients to do the same -whether you are worrying about your health, money, or other issues, changing your perspective and letting go of these negative concepts go a long way in healing whatever you may be experiencing.

As a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner I realize that I must remain a student forever! Research is always changing and I encourage you to work with someone who is open minded. A practitioner should provide you with information that is backed by “science” and not just one’s opinion. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and find a new practitioner if your practitioner is insulted when you need questions.

I have clients who do very traditional NB programs and others who are following a less traveled path. I respect both approaches and want you to feel that the program we are implementing is “right” for you. This is your health, your program, and you have the right to be involved with the process.

Choose a practitioner who is not afraid to say “I don’t know”. None of us have all the answers. I have been mentored by many “gurus” in my journey and each have taught me wonderful principles. However, none have given me 100% of all the answers to every problem. Therefore I am willing to incorporate various modalities to different situations based on what I believe with work. If I am “wrong”, I am willing to admit it and try another approach.

A good practitioner needs to check his or her ego at the door. He or she needs to also be willing to understand that programs may need tweaked! We are all so unique and what works for one, may not work for another. There is nothing wrong with working with someone who makes small changes to help you find what works for you, and as stated before, includes you in the process.

As a practitioner and overachiever, I have had to learn to make time for my own self care. This was a big challenge for me and I continue to work on this daily. A good practitioner should practice what he or she preaches!

Finally, I often pray for my clients. I don’t do so in a “religious” manner or under the umbrella of any specific faith. I just offer clients positive energy, love, healing, health and ask that they receive what they need each and every day to continue to remain on a positive path of healing and recovery.

This past year, I really learned to let go of worries, checked my ego, practiced more self-care, and have grow immensely personally and professionally. I am still a work in progress but I am more aware of my shortcomings and willing to forgive myself, love myself and seek what I need to do to be a better person and practitioner.

Most of all, I have found inner peace, a deep joy and true happiness that comes from following my true purpose in life and loving others.

I love to work with clients, but I only want to work with the clients who are “right” for me and my approach. I encourage you to work with someone and carefully choose your practitioner. It is very hard to do this alone, and even as a practitioner, I still work with others and seek assistance when needed.

I encourage you to take your time choosing someone to help you on your journey and use these guidelines to help you choose a good practitioner. If the practitioner you choose, resonates with your soul, you will know it when you visit their website, commute through email or speak with them directly. Trust your gut!

Love and Blessings,