I have been a holistic practitioner for a long time. Over the years my practice has evolved but nothing has changed my approach like the use of a Hair Analysis to develop a proper Nutritional Balancing Program. Let me explain some of the differences between my approach and all the other holistic work being done.

The biggest and most important difference is that a Nutritional Balancing Program is not designed to cover up symptoms so a client can immediately feel better. While this sounds like a good idea, it creates a very false sense of well-being. Putting band aids on ailments does not heal them. Eventually whatever herbs or other products one uses will eventually stop working and a client will be no closer to being cured or well. Trust me these remedies do not work forever – I know from experience. Once a client no longer feels better they often start a new search for the next “new” remedy or quick fix or their doctor begins to give them more and more of these “natural” remedies that are toxic. Plus they create other issues -read on to find out how.

In fact, these “temporary fixes” often cause greater adrenal burnout and more health issues. Unfortunately even holistic doctors are using these types of “remedies” in order to help clients find an instant fix or feel better immediately. Before I worked with Dr. Lawrence Wilson as a Nutritional Balancing Practitioner I had a holistic doctor. He prescribed “natural” thyroid medications and other natural hormones. All these products made me feel better but only made my issues worse! Using the natural remedies gave me more energy but made my thyroid very lazy. I kept having to take more and more of the hormones to achieve the same results and I became very concerned with this approach. Why would my thyroid produce hormones in the correct ratios needed if I just gave my body the hormones?

Unfortunately NO doctor can prescribe natural medicines in the exact amounts that our body needs them and furthermore we have no idea exactly when the hormones should be released or in what amounts. This is nature in action and very different for each person! Therefore taking pills does not create the correct hormones at the right times as this simply can not be duplicated accurately.

When the thyroid, or any organ, is not working we know it is toxic. Taking medications to work in place of an organ does nothing to address the toxicity of the organ and the body. I only recommend medications if a client no longer has an organ, such as a thyroid. Otherwise the purpose of the program is to heal the body so all organs worked as they are designed to work and medications are not recommended.

By giving the body what it needs (preferred bioavailable minerals) in order to help the body find homeostasis and balance, the body naturally detoxes and cleanses. My program builds the preferred minerals that allow the body to find balance. Eventually this improves everything from sleep to overall energy levels. This process allows the body to function as designed.

It is frustrating that we live in a society of instant gratification and many people choose any program that will make them feel better “instantly” over a Nutritional Balancing Program that may take time but will truly restore adaptive energy and wellness. A Nutritional Balancing Program also can heal most ailments without the use of medications. Notice I used the word – heal – A Nutritional Balancing program heals the body which is the only real solution to finding authentic wellness.

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