Today I want to share some information about adrenal burnout. As a client when you receive your program information there is a number assigned to your level of adrenal burnout. In case you are wondering no one has ever entered the program without adrenal burnout. It is important that you understand why adrenal function is the number one concern you should have in regards to healing or preventing illness and discovering optimal wellness. I would like to explain why and clear up any myths or misnomers about this topic. I want you to understand the importance of repairing adrenal function, why it is rampant in society today, how the adrenals can be restored, and what to expect on my nutritional balancing program.

So why is adrenal health important? In short, the adrenals are responsible for ALL systems in the body and decide if we are going to be healthy or ill. They control all the hormones and work to keep the body balanced and in homeostasis. When the body IS balanced, disease and illness do not exist. We are able to operate like a perfectly fine-tuned engine. Our body can fight everything from allergies, to colds, to cancer. Once the balance is gone, our bodies start to break down. The longer we remain imbalanced, the more likely we are to experience problems. Furthermore, everyone from infants to the elderly is now experiencing more adrenal burn out than ever. This is a more recent phenomenon, especially as we see more and more infants and children being “born” with adrenal burnout since the condition is being passed down from mothers who have weak adrenals before and during pregnancy, to their newborns. I will explain the cause for the rampant increase in adrenal issues in the following paragraph.
Let’s start by looking at why everyone suffers from some degree of burnout. To do so, one must understand that the cause of adrenal burnout is “stress”. ANY stress on the body will tax the adrenals. This stress can come from a poor diet, a chaotic lifestyle, bad relationships, overworking, a lack of sleep, over-exercising, worrying, and any other emotional, mental or physical “stress” that you can imagine – the list is exhaustive. Today, more than ever, we live lifestyles that are constantly filled with stress. Some of you are aware of many of the causes for burnout in your own lives.  However, the one that is the most often overlooked is the internal stress that we have, due to excessive worrying, unhappy lifestyles, and buried emotional or mental traumas. Often clients tell me that they never worry but they have no idea of what is occurring 24/7 in the subconscious mind. They are unaware of how their brain never “shuts” off or rests. Many of you live and work in circumstances that are far less from ideal and internally have a lot of turmoil or unhappiness that creates stress. Finally, when faced with emotional issues, many “tune out”. We don’t allow ourselves to deal with emotional pain or hurt. If we allowed ourselves to grieve and feel the pain, we could move past it, heal and move on. However, we often bury the pain where it festers and creates constant underlying internal stress. (Anger can do this as well). Finally, our ancestors did not live the hectic lifestyles we maintain today and therefore adrenal burnout is on the rise.
For most of you, the most challenging part of the program is not the diet. Most of you can begin changing your diet and eating according to your oxidation type. This is challenging but somewhat doable at least part of the time. However, “rest” is required to heal the adrenals and changing lifestyles so we find time to rest is extremely challenging. Let me start with the physical changes that need to occur for adrenal healing.
1. Work – we all have to work but overworking is very taxing on the body. It doesn’t matter if your job requires manual labor or mental challenges, as both can be exhausting to the adrenals. In Japan, people are dying from a recent phenomena known as “karoshi”.  Young men are dropping over dead and the cause is “overworking”. We need to evaluate our work conditions and our “jobs”. For some of you, this is simply a matter of better time management but in extreme cases it may mean finding a different career or place of employment. You need to be happy doing what you are doing AND balance the time and energy you spend working with rest and relaxation. For some of you, it may mean downsizing your life so you can live simply and get rid of some of the “stuff”. I can tell you from personal experience that downsizing isn’t nearly as daunting as it sounds. I did it years ago and continue to do it today. When people have their basic needs met, they don’t “need” all the other things they think they “want” in life. If you have to work and worry continually about having or keeping your “stuff” you may want to think about how much happier you might be without it. If you want to see what really makes people happy watch the documentary “Happy”. You may be surprised to learn that people with less stuff and simpler lives are happier than those looking for extrinsic things to make them happy.
2. Diet – a poor diet and/or one that is not right for your metabolic type is a stress to your body. There really is no such thing as junk food. Food either nourishes the body or is seen as a threat by the liver as it attempts to detox the body of the food that you have eaten. Discovering what you should be eating and following the proper diet for YOUR body works. It relieves a lot of adrenal stress. A hair analysis takes the guesswork out of your diet and allows you to know what you should be eating.
3. Supplements – taking supplements is dangerous unless you know what YOUR body needs. A few supplements can be taken by everyone safely but many supplements, including the B vitamins, C, and zinc, just to name a few, should only be taken if you have had a hair analysis by a lab that doesn’t wash the hair and read by a practitioner who understands how to interpret the report. Supplements can push your body further into imbalance if you are taking things you don’t need, plus all supplements need to be bioavailable to the body or they are a waste of your money. This is why I use Endomet Laboratories as the supplier of the supplements I recommend.
4. Sleep – Sleep is required for the body to repair. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, especially sleep before midnight, the adrenals are going to have a hard time healing. On the program, you are given a supplement that helps balance the “relaxing” minerals in the body so you can begin to sleep naturally. The supplement is recommended in a dosage that is right for you based on your hair analysis. Developing better sleep habits is essential to healing.
5. Exercise – Hard rigorous exercise further taxes the already worn out adrenals since it is a stress to the body. I recommend exercise that is safe and healing for your program. Strenuous exercise is avoided especially during the healing phase of a program. Many of you are addicted to the endorphins produced by exercise that can make you “feel” good but depletes the adrenals which is very dangerous. These endorphins are released by “wringing” out the adrenals and in the end only create further burnout. All of us have heard of an apparently healthy “young” athlete who dropped dead while running or practicing a sport. This occurs when the adrenals stop working suddenly and is becoming more and more common today since adrenal burnout, as previously discussed, is occurring in younger people and is far more severe in many cases than ever before. Furthermore, my clients will lose weight without doing vigorous exercise since less cortisol is produced by the adrenals when exercise is not strenuous and cortisol produces BELLY fat.
Let’s look at some of the other internal stressors that aren’t as easily identified.
1. Worry – Many people spend time internally worrying about numerous issues. They are concerned about their finances, health, families, jobs, and a host of other issues. They may not realize how much time they spend thinking and worrying about these issues. A lot of this type of worry is subconscious and exists even while we sleep.
2. Traumas – A loss of a job, death, divorce, or relationship issues – (just to name a few) will cause internal worry. If a person isn’t actively seeking to handle these stressors they can cause a lot of adrenal issues since they increase the production of cortisol. Even if someone is actively working to remove or deal with these types of issues, they can cause stress. However, a lot of internal stress is heightened when a person feels trapped or powerless and continues to live in this state. The stress becomes constant and the negative energy that is created when someone is in a bad “environment” is hard on the adrenals. Dealing with issues helps one to feel there is an “end” in sight and a light at the end of the tunnel. Past traumas from childhood or earlier in life can also create feelings of anxiety, anger, fear, etc. and cause the adrenals to overwork. It is also important to note that many times a person simply doesn’t have the “energy” to deal with issues before they start the program and I will address this in just a moment.
This is by no means and exhaustive list of all the possible stressors we have in our lives, but it gives you an idea of how much stress we experience daily and why the adrenals are weakened and tired. The result is more illness and disease. This includes everything from allergies, to diabetes, to heart disease and cancer. If we only had to worry about dropping over dead when our adrenals were depleted, we might not be too concerned. After all, we could just live and then die quickly – which might not be a big issue for many of you. However, the idea of getting a life threatening disease and losing our quality of life is much more scary. This is often what motivates people to begin taking care of their health and why I end up working with a lot of people who are “ill” rather than working with them while they are still in the preventative stages of life. Either way the program works.
Before I address how the program works, I would like to talk about how it doesn’t work. This program is not a mineral “replacement” program. Unfortunately most practitioners, with the exception of ones who have been trained through Dr. Lawrence Wilson, do not understand this concept. They review your analysis and then give you supplements for the minerals you are lacking and avoid recommending supplements for minerals you “appear” to have in abundance. For example, if you lack potassium, which is essential to the vitality of the body, a practitioner may unwisely recommend a potassium supplement. This is a waste of your money because no matter how much potassium you take, unless you work to restore adrenal health, that potassium will be eliminated through the kidneys. This is simply what happens when “stress” is out of control and the adrenals are overworked. No supplement will fix this issue. At the same time, even if you have loads of calcium showing up on your report, you may still need a calcium supplement that is “available” for the body to use. The calcium you “have” is metastatic or biounavailable and useless. Furthermore, most practitioners do not understand that the report needs to be reviewed with the understanding that all systems work in “synergy”. Understanding how individual minerals, and mineral ratios, work together is the key. Having worked with another doctor and lab, I can testify that these programs will not harm clients but “minimal” results will be seen and real health will not be acquired through this type of program. Also, one must understand how to read a “retest” as the interpretation of subsequent tests is completely different than an initial analysis. Finally there are only TWO labs in the world that correctly handle hair samples so your results are accurate. You need to make sure you only work with ARL or Trace Laboratories and with a practitioner, like myself, who has been trained properly. You can find a list of approved practitioners at – if for some reason you are unable to work with me.
Now I want to talk about how the program works. It works because you are given a program designed to restore your body to balance and heal your adrenals. From the right supplements to the right diet, to proper rest, you are provided with what you need to heal. You are instructed how to use various healing protocols that will give you even better results. A good practitioner is available to help you and answer your questions as you implement your program. As I mentioned earlier, at the beginning of a program someone may not have the “strength” to handle many emotional issues that they have buried, or have experienced so they “live” with them. Often they don’t even know these issues exist. However, as you begin the program and get stronger, your body discovers the vitality it needs to heal. This healing is easier than it may sound. Often old traumas are revealed once you have the vitality to deal with them, and then these traumas are healed permanently. This deep permanent healing also heals the adrenals. Rest is always needed and clients who have never balanced their lives are taught how to do so and they feel better and have more peace and happiness than ever before.
The hardest part is getting started. Again, without a lot of vitality one may lack the motivation it takes to begin the program. The process sounds complicated and daunting to someone who isn’t “well” and thinking with a lot of clarity. I urge you to find just enough inner strength to begin, if you haven’t already. If you have started the process but tend to give up because you don’t always follow the program completely – be kind to yourself. Do what you can and don’t think you won’t see results when you “screw” up! Do as much as you can and when you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off and start over, but don’t give up. You can take two steps forward and one step back, we all do! Just stick with it and I promise you will SEE the results on your subsequent tests. Plus, you are putting yourself in a place where you don’t have to become a statistic and product of “conventional” medicine which never seeks to heal, but rather seeks to cover up symptoms with medications and procedures that are only “temporary” fixes. Think of the 80/20 rule – do what is right 80% of the time and the other 20% will take care of itself. This works for all my clients unless you are seriously ill with cancer or a life-threatening disease. In these cases 100% compliance is often needed.
If you have further questions about adrenal health, please contact me. This update only touches on this important topic. You can visit for more information on adrenal burnout. Go to the site and type “adrenals” in the search engine on Dr. Wilson’s homepage for more information on this important topic.
Finally, I hope to share more about balance and happiness in my quote this week. You can go to my site, and request to receive my quote which is sent the beginning of each week to all subscribers.
Have a great day and stay the course. Please remember that making even small changes can have a BIG impact on your life.