In my final series on Toxins and Your Health I will address some simple ways to avoid toxic overload. This article will be short and sweet providing you with easy tips on what you can do to avoid toxins and toxic materials.

1. Let’s start with food. Avoid junk food and all food with labels that contain ingredients that you cannot pronounce. If you don’t know what is “in” it – don’t eat it. Chemicals in our food supply place a huge workload on the liver. If you body doesn’t recognize what you eat as “food”, the liver sees it as toxic and begins to work to clean the body of the junk you put in it. What you eat is either food or junk – and there is no in-between so there really is no such thing as “junk-food”. It is either one or the other.

Eat organic to avoid foods raised with chemical fertilizers and sprayed with insecticides. Organic and grass fed meat is superior as well since it contains no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Sugar, caffeine, and alcohol should be consumed in moderation – or not at all. All create toxicity in the body and rob the body of necessary nutrients.

2. Health and Beauty Products – what goes on the skin heads to the liver within 20 seconds of application. Most of the products we use from toothpaste to shampoo contain ingredients that are hazardous to our health. Check out my All Natural Product page and learn how you can use natural health products to avoid health and beauty toxicity.

3. Cleaning Products – Household cleaning products are a huge source of toxicity for the body and the environment. Chemicals we use daily to “clean” our homes are often killing us. I have removed toxic cleaners from my house and replaced them with Melaleuca products. These products are more effective and safe for you, your children and the planet. You can read about Melaleuca ‘s all natural products at my All Natural Product page.

4. Amalgam fillings – If you have mercury in your mouth, have it removed. Choose a holistic dentist who understands how to properly remove amalgam fillings or you may create a severe case of mercury toxicity from having the fillings removed. Mercury fillings constantly leach mercury into your body which often leads to a variety of health problems so while many dentists will tell you to “leave” these fillings alone -I highly suggest you ignore this advice and have them “properly” removed. If you need help locating a holistic dentist in your area, contact me and I will gladly assist you.

5. I use Young Living Essential Oils daily – along with regular Raindrop Therapy – to promote natural detoxification. You can read about this on my site as well. For more information on what oils to use and how to implement the use of oils in your daily life to assist with better help and detoxification, contact me.

Finally, I highly recommend detoxing the body 3 to 4 times a year since we are not able to avoid all toxins no matter how hard we try. However, detoxification programs should be administered UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A PRACTITIONER. Do not pick up a detox kit at your local health food store without understanding how these products work and how they should be implemented. I have dealt with many sick clients who thought they would get “healthy” detoxing by using a plethora of over the counter products.

This can be dangerous. Find someone who can assist you in detoxing the body “correctly” – someone who can safely suggest the “right” products for “you” and monitor your progress. Please don’t do this by yourself unless you have had a lot of experience and understand what you are doing -what to expect – and how to proceed. You can become very ill while detoxing if you aren’t careful, so get help and avoid creating even more problems.

I can gladly assist you in developing a detox program that is right for you. Contact me if you would like more information.  Until next time, stay healthy, CLEAN, and toxin-free -and check out my video on my homepage РToxins and Fat Loss!