Many of you will soon get caught up in the shopping frenzy. You will spend valuable time choosing gifts that are quickly forgotten once the novelty has passed.

This year I encourage you to purchase the gift of health for your family and friends and to do so, you don’t have to fight crowds or leave the comfort of your home.

A Hair Mineral Analysis is the perfect gift! A simple Hair Mineral Analysis allows me to develop an individualized Nutritional Balancing Program for your family and friends. It is a gift that can change a life by curing illness without the use of medications and/or prevent future disease.

Can you think of a better gift? The gift of wellness, renewed energy, vitality, increased awareness and much, much more.

A Hair Analysis Includes:

  • An Individualized supplement, eating plan and lifestyle changes that will help balance and heal the body.
  • All handouts, reports, and 2 audio files will be sent to each client along with a complete program.
  • And all my work is reviewed and approved by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.
  • Ongoing support via email or the phone at NO additional cost.

Also, here’s the best part!

NO APPOINTMENT is necessary. I do not have to see a client to prepare their program and get them on track!  I will send a gift certificate to you with your order (upon request).

So avoid the stores, all the commercialism, and crowds. Give the gift that changes lives and will be remembered forever – the gift of wellness.

To learn more about my Hair Analysis click on the link below. You can complete your purchase at the bottom of the page.


Have a great Holiday and please contact me if you have any questions!