Let’s suppose you were considering buying an old house that been vacant and abandoned for a long time. The previous owners left it without fixing anything but the essentials and all the closets and rooms were very dirty. Years of accumulated dirt filled all the nooks and crannies and the dust was so thick that you coughed each time you entered.

The real estate agent shows you the house and presents it to you as a home that is in “move-in” condition. She never mentions the repairs that are needed and only suggests that it might need a “light cleaning” – something that could be done in a few hours. Upon seeing the house you realize that it has potential but it is not nearly the dream home she has been talking about. You are outraged that she has not been truthful and you are disappointed as you realize this is no dream home but it is a true “fixer-upper”. 

In today’s world the medical community often leads us to believe that the symptoms we are experiencing are “fixed” but a magical pill. We are expected to believe that drugs can cure and heal our ailments. Most conventional, and holistic doctors, do not believe, or want us to believe, that our bodies require the “right” circumstances and time to heal. No one wants us to think that we might have to “retrace” or clean out the dirt and toxins in our body before we can be well and if they do believe in the cleansing process, they often expect us to believe that it is easy.

The truth is, like the dirty house, our bodies need to be cleansed. The truth is the cleansing process is not always simple and it can take time. Without retracing we cannot remove years of toxins and restore balance to the body.


There are many methods of cleansing and detoxing being promoted today. Most of them are very unsafe. The methods of “forcing” toxins out of the body can be dangerous since chelating agents can force metals to being moving but it does not guarantee that they will be eliminated. Therefore, if we force metals to move, (and the body isn’t ready for them to move), they may settle in organs and tissues causing disease and sometimes even death. Furthermore chelating agents remove many necessary minerals and can severely deplete the body. While many health practitioners “attempt” to replace these minerals via an IV or supplementation, they do not know exactly what the body needs and often create more imbalance which can cause further illness or disease.


A Nutritional Balancing Program is non-evasive. It is designed through a properly interpreted hair analysis to give the body the support it needs through precise recommendations of supplementation – designed specifically for each client. It is not just a “replacement” therapy program but one that understands how the body functions synergistically. The program includes recommending a proper eating plan for the client’s oxidation rate, correct supplementation using supplements that are assimilated, and other possible changes that need to be made for the body to become balanced and heal.

Once the body has the elements it needs to begin to function correctly, it will naturally begin to detox. The process of detoxing can begin almost immediately upon starting the program or it can take a little time, but either way the body has begun to heal.

Like the house that needs cleaned, you would not expect to start the process without getting dirty. You wouldn’t expect to fill a bucket with water and find that the water was still clear after you started cleaning. The body works in much the same way. Once it has what it needs to begin to find vitality and balance, toxins will begin to move out of the body. At this point a client may experience various healing reactions or retracings caused by the TOXINS, not the supplements. However, the ONLY way for toxins to be removed from the body is to give the body what it needs to mobilize them. As this occurs toxins travel through the blood and are excreted through all sources of elimination, such as urination, bowel movements, sweat, and saliva. Sometimes a client may feel ill or experience the effects of the metals as they are being removed but this is a temporary condition and will pass as the metals are excreted.


A Nutritional Balancing Program includes several protocols that assist with the excretion of the metals but without chelating or forcing detoxification. These protocols often lessen the intensity of healing reactions and retracings, but for the body to HEAL, it must go through the process in the same manner that a house cannot be cleaned until some elbow grease is applied. This is the truth!

If you have doctors or practitioners telling you that you can be well and healthy without going through the work that is required, they are mistaken. There is no magic pill or method that allows the body to cleanse safely without going through the process.

Wait you say – I have always eaten well and taken care of myself so therefore I cannot possibly be toxic or imbalanced! This is not true. No matter how well you eat or have cared for your body, you will enter the program with imbalances and toxicity. WE ALL DO! We live in an extremely toxic world. We also live in a very stressful world and adrenal burnout is rampart. Everyone enters the program with imbalances, toxicity, and burn out BUT everyone can have a program designed for their unique needs that will bring them into balance and closer to better health.

The truth is that the process is a process. It is a journey. We need to seek balance and health but then we must continue to work to maintain it. The choice is yours. You can continue to try all the latest fads and remedies or face the truth and start healing your body through a Nutritional Balancing Program. You can believe that there is an easier way and refuse to accept the truth. You can run from the work and “hope” you won’t get ill, (or more ill than you may already be), or you can start healing your body today.

I work directly with Dr. Lawrence Wilson, a pioneer in the work of Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing Programs. For more information on our Nutritional Balancing Programs and Hair Analysis, visit my website or you can visit Dr. Wilson’s site by clicking HERE.