Welcome to the procedures that can be part of a good Nutritional Balancing Program. Here you can learn more about each procedure and how to begin implementing it into your program.

I have clients doing all the procedures and others doing none. It is possible to see benefits by just changing one’s diet. Of course, even more healing occurs when one adapts the correct eating plan and takes the correct amount of the proper supplements, as determined by your hair analysis.

Today’s program now addresses oxidative stress and therefore works more effectively and quickly making the procedures less “necessary” than in the past. While they are still beneficial, they are also optional.

Each procedure works synergistically with the rest of the program and contributes to the holistic healing of the body. They support the liver, the natural detoxification process, help cure burn out by healing the adrenals and thyroid, and provide many other health benefits.

You can review each of the procedures here by visiting each page under this tab. Please note that I will give you a “condensed” version of many of the protocols, often including an audio file that explains how to get started in a “nutshell”.

Contact me if you have any questions about the program, the procedures, or any other health related issues. I am here to help you on your journey to health and wellness!