Today I want to share with you principles that can help you find success in your life. Whether you need success in starting, (or sticking to) a program like my Nutritional Balancing Program, overcoming an addiction or bad habit, finding and successfully maintaining a good relationship, discovering financial success or ANY other goal you may have for your life, the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, can show you how to find success. 

I am a NLP practitioner. The concepts I practice in NLP have changed my life immensely since my training required me to apply NLP to my own life before working with others. There is no way to explain or help others using NLP if you haven’t experienced it yourself. Once I began applying NLP to my life I quickly became a believer because it works! It changed my business and my financial situation and it can change your life too. However, recently I saw “gaps” in my life that I realized still needed attention that caused me to return to my NLP roots and I have begun to apply NLP to other areas of my life. Sometimes we have to return to the toolbox and pick up the right tool in order to continue on the path and NLP, like any process, is on going.

Since many people have never heard of NLP, let me give you a brief definition of what NLP is and how it works. NLP is a method of training, (or rather retraining), the subconscious mind. The reason this is so important is that 90% of all our decisions are made from the subconscious area of our brain, whether we realize it or not. Our conscious mind is only able to make 10% of all our decisions!

This is why you often hear people talk about how we only use 10% of our brain. However, this concept isn’t true because we are using all of our brain but the other 90% (our subconscious mind) controls our lives and unfortunately that 90% is programmed in ways we don’t understand. It sabotages our success and keeps us “stuck”, unable to achieve our goals. Do you ever find yourself with great intentions but unable to see those intentions to fruition? Do you ever wonder why you aren’t able to achieve financial success? Or find and maintain good relationships? Or give up a habit that you know is bad?  Do you think you just “can’t” stay on the program I have given you? Or you “can’t” change your eating habits? And the list goes on and on…….

Let me break this down for you. Our conscious mind works through the following principles I will call W.A.R. W = Willpower A- Analytical R- Rational. Here’s an example of how we try to engage our conscious mind in our decision. We think of something we want to do for example: become healthier, start a business, stop an addiction, lose weight, find the right relationship, and the list goes on and on. Next we Analyze and Rationalize why we need to do something until we think we have a plan or we may proceed without a plan but we think we are on the right path because we “know” what we want. Sometimes we think we will just do it, other times we have clear-cut directions to get “there”, but as you will see this is often unsuccessful. 

Now we rely on Willpower to get to our goal. But even in the toughest and most stubborn individual, Willpower is not enough. And in the few cases that it works, it requires ALL our energy to think about the situation ALL the time and try consciously to do it. Just this process alone is enough to wear anyone out! It is like a constant battle with our subconscious (the 90%) to try to make the conscious mind (the 10%) stronger and the odds simply aren’t stacked in our favor. Remember W.A.R. only makes up 10% of our decision-making! This is why we find ourselves doing the “same old thing” even though we have made a conscious decision to STOP or start doing something.

So let’s talk about why W.A.R. doesn’t work? Our conscious mind can only make the decisions to further our goals when conditions are ideal. If the following conditions exist we are no longer able to function using the W.A.R. or the conscious mind: H- Hungry – A – Angry – L – Lonely  T- Tired. We will call this H.A.L.T. If we are experience any of these; Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired, we no longer have the Willpower, Analytical or Rational ability to follow through on our intentions.

(This explains why humans often behave irrationally and do things that simply aren’t good for them)! And the reality of life is that daily we all experience at least some of these obstacles – Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. As humans we can’t avoid them. Therefore NLP doesn’t try to get rid of the unavoidable but rather CHANGE the subconscious mind to be in-tune with what we really want in our lives so when the 90% of our mind (the subconscious) makes the decision and in agreement with the conscious mind, keeping us on the right track and able to continue towards are real desires and goals.


Next we have to look at the S.H.I.P. because most of our S.H.I.P.’s are sailing in a direction we don’t like or stalled and we aren’t aboard or in control of the destination. S.H.I.P. stand for Strategies, Habits, Impulsives/Emotions and Psychological Control.  Let’s start with strategies. Our strategies are poor and we often find ourselves looking for something different but doing the “same” old things we have always done and “hoping” to find different results. (I have heard this described as the definition of insanity – doing the same thing and expecting different results).

Yet we have all done it because our subconscious is often programmed with poor strategies. For example, we all know someone who consistently attracts the same type of bad relationship into their life and then employs the same bad habits to try to make it work but consistently gets the same bad results. Why don’t they learn or do they learn life lessons but lack the tools that would help them change? NLP helps give you new strategies.

So let’s look at habits. Habits are also programmed in our subconscious mind and “cause” us to be stuck in the rut of doing the same old things. A habit can be hard to change using willpower alone and as I previously stated if you can break a habit using willpower it will take a ton of energy to continually “think” about it in order to change it and attempt to override your subconscious mind leaving you drained. NLP changes the habit from the inside out.

Next, our impulsives and emotions also take over and cause irrational behavior when we don’t understand our own programming AND we don’t “change” it. Ever catch yourself doing something in the “moment” and immediately regret it? Impulsives and emotions override our willpower when we are: Hungry, Angry, Lonely and/or Tired.

Finally, Yogis and other people who have “mastered” NLP can exert psychological control over their body to the point that they can do things such as stop bleeding with just a thought. Yes, you can change physical reactions from the mind. I know many of you have a hard time wrapping your head around that thought and most of us never get to the point where we have mastered NLP to this degree, BUT we can still learn enough NLP and “use” it to change our lives. Plus it is important to understand how psychological control works because it demonstrates how powerful NLP really is! I have often lowered my heart rate during times of stress by simply applying NLP. I know I can “stop” overproduction of cortisol and reduce stress with NLP which makes it a great tool to use in conjunction with my program for adrenal repair.

How does NLP work? NLP uses a variety of modalities to put the conscious and subconscious mind on the “same” page. They are simple and yet effective. NLP does NOT require you to dig up the past and figure out why you are not programmed properly. There is no reliving past trauma of any kind. You don’t even have to “know” why you do things that sabotage your goals because NLP can change the programs you are running without analyzing them. It is a bit like a computer.

If you want to change a program you simply remove it and then add a new program in its place. For example, let’s say you want to use a new music program on your computer. First you uninstall what you currently have, because if you don’t, the computer will often return to the “old” program. So you get rid of it! Next you install the new program and set it up so it automatically opens when you run a music program on your PC.

Here’s one example of how I use a NLP modality in my Yoga class. When I teach meditation during a Yoga class, I always tell my students that before they can be filled with positive energy; love, light, peace, joy, gratitude etc., they must get rid of the negative stuff. They may not even KNOW what negativity they are carrying around (as it often exists in the subconscious), and they don’t have to identify it – they only have to get rid of it. I simply ask them to see all pain, negative thoughts and negative energy being placed in a cloud and then to send that cloud away from their body. I ask them to clear their body entirely of everything negative and send all of it far away.

This separates them from all the “bad”. Then I ask them to see positive light, love, peace and whatever other things they want in their life, entering their body. I ask them to see the light coming into their heart and then I tell them to let that light spread throughout their whole body – completely filling their body with nothing but positive energy. Because I am in a class setting I can’t personalize this very much but it is still very effective. I remind them that before they buy all “new” furniture, they have to get rid of the old – in order to make room for the new. Many of us try to bring positive energy into our lives while we are holding on to “old” stuff and there just isn’t room for both.

I can tell you that this simple NLP exercise I do in my class has changed the lives of many people, especially my regular attendees. They have received a tool that helps them daily reset their minds and become more productive. They have less stress and make better decisions. They are happier and healthier. Furthermore, you don’t have to do “Yoga”to use this type of NLP exercise in your life.


But like anything else, recently I realized that I needed to apply NLP to some of the gaps in my life and I have returned to my toolbox because I know this works! Areas that I have applied NLP have changed many parts of my life permanently but I still have some old programming. I reprogrammed my business mind and changed my business but realized that I need to do some work with NLP on a more personal level – in my relationships etc.

I am 3/4 on the ship and I looking to be entirely on board and in control! Currently I am reviewing my entire NLP course. I am watching all the videos I studied before I had to take my NLP exam. NLP has helped me understand myself and become more productive and successful. It is a huge part of what I do as a Holistic Consultant and now I want it to become more of what I employ on a personal level. I can help you learn more about NLP and how to use it in your life. If you have trouble staying on the program I have given you, I can help you use NLP to change your old strategies, habits, and impulsives.

I can do NLP in person if you are in the NJ area or on the phone/Skype if you are out of state. Check out my site for more info on NLP or to purchase sessions. Each session is 45 minutes long and the modalities you learn can be used for life. NLP can change your life – from what you attract into your life to how you began to achieve the things you really want. Call me today for details.