Now that the Holidays are over it is time to get back to the basics. For many people the new year brings thoughts of resolutions. We make lists of what we want to change in our lives.The problem is that we seldom have a “plan” for implementing the changes we desire so within a few weeks or months we have returned to our old habits. 

Change is difficult and change requires more than just lip service. It demands a plan or a blueprint. Change needs direction and a course of action to follow. For some, simple willpower is enough to implement change, but for most of us, we need more than just willpower. We need tools. We need to have back up plans and support systems.  NLP teaches, when we are “hungry, angry, lonely or tired”, we are going to cave into our old habits and jeopardize our resolutions. Our actions are no longer congruent with our desires. This is just how we function as humans. (You can check out my website for more information on NLP). 

For me change and resolutions are daily events. I see each morning as a chance to start over. I clear my mind of all the past failures from the prior day and do my best to forgive myself for my shortcomings. I start over knowing that the day may bring challenges and that I may not be 100% successful at fulfilling what I know is my mission in life but nonetheless I start each day anew.

Start by defining what you think your mission in life is. If you don’t know, (as I didn’t for many years), this is the place to start. All resolutions should bring you closer to being a better person and closer to your goal of fulfilling your mission in life.

But how do you find your mission and do you have one? The answer is simple and complex.  To start….everyone has a purpose in this life. EVERYONE!

However, finding this purpose can seem complicated. Before I realized my mission I had to find wellness. I had to get healthy -REALLY healthy –and the process started many years ago when I started my holistic work. However, it wasn’t until I met Dr. Wilson that I found immense clarity and peace. Through the Nutritional Balancing program, I was able to begin cleansing my body and this allowed all other types of healing to follow. Without physical wellness, mental and emotional wellness do not exist. It is all connected. As I found better health, I also had a clearer vision of what I really wanted. My emotional and mental well-being improved as I healed my physical body.

I truly believe it is impossible to discover everything life has for you, if your body is full of toxins and “junk”. Once you clean the body, the mind, soul and spirit begin to open up to a storehouse of possibilities that exist BUT are not visible to you in your present state.

If you find yourself unable to keep your resolutions – don’t be surprised. Maybe you need to get back to the basics and start with the most important resolution – the resolution that will help you put everything else in order and change your life. Start with your own personal wellness – your health – A resolution to find optimal wellness.

I am here to scientifically design your plan based on a hair analysis. Your plan includes actions that will lead you to better health as well as a support system designed to help you stay on course.

Contact me today and begin your journey. Today is the day to toss out your resolutions and try something new. The real answers are here!