The benefits of a Raindrop Therapy™ session are simply amazing!

You may enjoy a relaxing massage but I have found an even deeper and longer lasting therapy. I call this technique Raindrop Therapy™. This therapy not only releases tension, but through the use of therapeutic oils, the results often last longer than a typical massage.

After a Raindrop Therapy session you may feel a difference in your physical and emotional well being for weeks. Of course, I recommend Raindrop Therapy along with proper diet, stress management and other healing modalities to assist in long-lasting results.

Now Here is WHY you want to try my Raindrop Therapy™ Session.

  • Many Raindrop Therapy™ sessions will incorporate a mixture of Vita Flex, massage and reflexology with the application of essential oils. My Raindrop Therapy™ sessions do more! I only use Young Living Essential Oils in order to help align the spine, break up bacteria along the spine and bring a sense of restoration and renewed energy to the body because I trust the quality of Young Living Oils. You can read more about these oils by visiting this link  My Raindrop Therapy™ sessions are also unique as I use my Reiki and Ho’oponopono techniques during a Raindrop Therapy™ session to assist in healing. Clients are allowed to simply relax as I silently apply these techniques along with the oils.  This allows an even deeper sense of wellness and restoration to occur physically and emotionally.
  • All my Raindrop Therapy™ sessions last one hour and include an intense relaxing back massage.
  • I can bring my Raindrop Therapy™ to your home (within a 25 mile radius) or and you can drop in to my office.

Here’s what to expect during a Raindrop Therapy™ session

    • Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere
    • Adequate pressure is applied to allow oils to penetrate the cells without causing pain
    • ONLY Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are used in order to allow the body to experience the healing properties of the therapy. Other oils do not produce the same results.
    • The comfort level of the client is monitored throughout the session so carrier oils can be applied if any oil produces too much heat or is uncomfortable upon application.
    • No transferring of negative energy from practitioner to client! This is important since the benefits YOU receive can be directly affected by the state of the practitioner applying the therapy.

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