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Here’s what clients are saying:

March 26, 2020


At the end of January, while visiting my parents overseas, I got sick with a low fever, sore throat, cough and headache. With the coronavirus going around, I was really worried I had caught it!

I had given Doreen my toenails before I left just in case, I needed anything while I was away. The Oberon scan showed that I had bronchopneumonia with an upper respiratory infection and tonsillitis along with two forms of fungi: aspergillus fumigatus and penicillium frequentans.

Therapies were applied to these issues in my respiratory system. After the first therapy was applied, I was finally able to sleep, and my symptoms had improved by the next day. My symptoms continued to improve until I felt fully recovered in a week! During this time, I also continued taking my supplements and got plenty of rest.

It was such a relief to know there wasn’t any coronavirus in my system. Really grateful Doreen has this therapy available for her clients!

Andrianne – US















I have had several issues during the past month that have been resolved by Oberon scans and meta-therapies.

It started with tendonitis in my foot that Doreen saw on the scan before it was diagnosed by a podiatrist a week later. I went to the podiatrist just to be certain I didn’t have a fracture. I didn’t want to receive the treatment as recommended by the podiatrist, and chose to have Doreen use meta therapies on my foot, rather than PT and cortisone treatments. The Oberon meta-therapies were extremely helpful.

Doreen has been able to scan my body, find issues, and advise me on how to resolve them.

In March I became ill with a virus and she saw the virus and other infections on my scan. She was able to support my immune system and attack the virus. She used meta-therapies on my respiratory system and gave me procotols to follow. I felt very real physical changes in real time as she works on me from her home.

She even addressed my twitching eye when I was ill, and after meta-therapy my eye stopped twitching!

I highly recommend Oberon therapy for anyone looking for physical help, immune support, or assistance addressing chronic or acute issues as a method to help find answers to whatever issues one is experiencing.

Kelly – US

I have been doing my best to follow the Mineral Balancing Program for several years. At the beginning of this year, I had to face a traumatic event linked to many past traumas and I fell into a deep depression. Although I kept doing my best to work and follow the program, a part of me just felt like dying. Many deep and strong emotions surfaced, and it’s been a very tough time.

Doreen has been one of my most precious support resources, guiding me with much love and understanding to keep me on track.

As well, she used the Oberon scan and therapies to help me get through and improve my depression and overall mental outlook.  I was amazed to feel a great relief of this deep depression. It not only helped me on the physical level but also on an emotional level. I didn’t feel any panic as the traumas resurfaced. Instead I felt waves of stress, but they subsided quickly. My healing process no longer became a state of overwhelming and unending stress.

I am sure that the scan and therapies with Bioresonance continues to allow me to go through this uncertain time feeling much calmer.

I want to add that Doreen’s faithful support and great competence in many areas are essential to my healing too. We all need to be helped on many levels at this time and it is very precious to combine several tools to help us as we move through these trying times. Doreen is offering us may precious resources and support.

Anne – France



My name is James and I am 71 years old. Since March 15th, I was sick with a cold and experiencing a fever, cough, hot eyes, headache, sore throat, weakness and insomnia. I had been taking cold medicine, but I was not getting better.

I had sent nails to a friend who knew Doreen a few weeks ago, and she was going to ask Doreen to scan them for general health purposes but once I was ill, she asked Doreen to scan them right away and look for any issues.

On March 22nd, Doreen did a scan and discovered several viruses and infections, but mostly that I had bronchopneumonia. She began therapies immediately.

Within 2 days of therapy, I began to sleep well, and the rest of my symptoms began to improve. Slowly my cough disappeared, my breathing returned to normal, and my fever was gone too.

By March 28th, I felt completely cured, with only a little dry cough and slightly itchy throat.

I wanted to try the therapy, and therefore I chose not to take the antibiotics that were prescribed. I felt I was healed naturally and safely and helped by the scans and meta therapies.

I had been very worried and tense since the Corona Virus is serious in Jakarta. She used destructive therapies to destroy this virus too in order to keep it from becoming active in my body and it worked.

In my heart, I am in awe of how these therapies work and believe they are truly miracles!

James – Indonesia