Typically I deal with two types of clients; ones who do not go to the doctor until they experience symptoms that they fear are serious or cannot be handled on their own or clients who run to the doctor with every ache and pain. Both types of clients can experience healing on my individualized programs.

The client who never goes to the doctor can work to re-balance and heal their body so they never need a doctor!

My clients who spend lots of time with doctors can learn to re-balance their body and save a lot of money and worry. They are taught to listen to their body and often discover that when on my program, symptoms are not enemies but simple signals the body sends as it heals.

However, when you are not on my healing program and ignore symptoms or take medications to mask your body’s signals you are asking for trouble. Let’s take a closer look at symptoms and develop a better understanding of our body’s own unique language.

Often symptoms are viewed as our enemy and we hope a trip to our doctor, conventional or holistic, will allow someone to find a “cure” for our problem and and put an end to our symptoms.

More often than not, we ignore “subtle” symptoms our body sends in hopes they will dissipate. However, even when symptoms dissipate or a doctor prescribes a magical drug, potion, or herb that relieves the symptoms,┬áthe real problem has seldom been resolved.

In my practice I prefer to look at the symptoms one is experiencing as a signal the body is sending that something is wrong. Rather than ignore or cover up the symptom, I recommend a simple hair analysis. By looking at the mineral balances within one’s body, I can see why symptoms exist and help the client to heal by scientifically recommending a program for EACH person that will re-balance the body. When the body is balanced and all organs and systems are working correctly symptoms can be relieved once and for all. This is real healing!

During a nutritional balancing program one may actually experience a variety of symptoms known as healing reactions or retracing. While there are many natural recommendations I can make to help someone get through the healing reactions, most healing reactions last for only a day or two and are easy to tolerate. Plus, healing reactions are signs that we are healing and not symptoms of illness and I often welcome these reactions as I go through healing stages.

I work with Dr. Wilson and his staff on every client’s analysis. Together we recommend a program that will bring natural healing to the body. By eating the right diet for your oxidation type and taking ONLY the supplements you need to re-balance your body – healing occurs. It’s that simple.

So why wait? My program is affordable and uniquely designed for YOU – plus all my clients receive a 20% discount on all their supplements!