The first part of my series will focus on the starting point of many of my programs – Nutrition. As Hippocrates once said,

“Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food.”
Our basis for optimal health begins with what goes into our mouths.

NUTRITION – Our diets are extremely compromised by numerous factors that often seem insurmountable. From processed foods, fast foods, and microwaved foods, to a complete misunderstanding of what we think is “healthy”, we often feel helpless to do anything about what we seem destined to eat.

When I write initial nutrition plans for clients, I begin with the basics. The last thing anyone needs to feel overwhelmed so it’s my job to educate clients and teach them how they CAN eat good nutritional food and it’s often easier than it sounds. Once determining each client’s nutritional needs, the beginning step is simply to eat the right foods for their body. There is no need to count calories, fat grams, or weigh foods. After I work through the initial plan, I always ask the client if the plan is doable. It’s important to know what areas they determine might be a struggle as we begin so we can address these obstacles immediately.

Once a client has begun their lifelong eating program (this is not a quick weight loss diet), I work with them to fine tune their diet as they begin to learn more about food. It is amazing how many people have no idea how food makes them feel. Clients seldom link a lack of energy, headaches, joint pain, or chronic fatigue to food they are eating. Creating this awareness is essential to understanding your own nutritional needs.

Often clients are fearful that they won’t enjoy their program and will miss eating things they enjoy. This can be a problem especially in the beginning stages when clients often cut back on sugary foods and experience withdrawal. I believe that sugar is a drug and it’s common to have clients “addicted” to sugar in much the same way an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. However, I often use individualized amino acid therapies to help clients get through this stage with as little anxiety and physical side effects as possible. The final result is that the client enjoys the foods that meet their nutritional needs and the addictive, harmful cravings disappear.

Sometimes the beginning phase of the program seems like a lot to digest (no pun intended)! This may be true but any “new” idea or project we begin often has the potential to overwhelm us at the start. As your practitioner, I am here to help you begin and stay with the process. It is a learning experience but worth the effort.

Knowing that it’s time you invested in your health with the same enthusiasm you invest in your job, car, home and material things I encourage you to visit my services page by clicking on the link below and begin the process today! It is this simple:

Invest in your health today or subsidize your illness tomorrow.
There’s nothing more important than your health. Take control of your health today. Contact me or visit my service page for more information on individualized sessions.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this series – Sleep and Your Health