Fine homes, sports cars, trendy clothes, expensive vacations, the best entertainment are all markers of success in today’s society. Even in today’s tough times we are continually striving to have more and conditioned to want the best. Yet in pursuit of all these materialistic “things”, we are often forsaking what’s really important. We have forgotten to invest our money, time, and energy, in the one most important element of life that really matters – our health.

I am amazed that many people do not think they have the resources to spend on a nutritional assessment. How can we not “afford” to spend money on the only thing that truly matters – our own health? If we have all the “things” we have worked so hard to acquire in life but find ourselves ill or just lacking the energy we need to enjoy life – what do we really have?

Spending money on a series of consultations that can change your life for the BEST permanently is the best money you will ever spend. If you have a need to help paying for my services, please contact me directly so we can discuss options. It’s my mission to help as many people as possible and I will work with you so there’s NO excuse not to call. I hope today you will consider taking the time and resources to invest in your own well-being!

For the next several weeks (maybe months), I am going to focus on many aspects of health that have been compromised by our current lifestyle and address them in this series called Sacrificing Our Health.

As a Holistic Practitioner I will address all areas of health and challenge each of you to begin to think about your own personal health and encourage you to find ways to change your lifestyle and begin to place a greater importance on your own personal health and wellness.

It’s my prayer that you all find optimal health in your lives. I want you to have renewed energy and to feel better than you ever have in the past. Your health is in your hands – not the hands of physicians. I urge YOU to take control of your health today.  The first part of my series will focus on the starting point of many of my programs – Nutrition. Look for the first article on Nutrition this Friday!