In my final installment of adrenal health, I am going to address adrenal repair and healing. In short, to heal the adrenals you need to avoid stress and stress is caused by many factors (see Part 4 of this series for more information). You will find a list below of things you can do to allow your adrenals to heal. The list is a shortened excerpt from my new book which will be completed by the end of the year.

If you faithfully spend time healing the adrenals and still feel fatigued, it may be time to seek help. I develop a highly individualized supplementation plan for my clients. All the supplements are natural and meant to be used temporarily – until the adrenals are stronger.

When fatigue still continues and I don’t see improvement in a clients health, I recommend an hair analysis. If there is an imbalance in the body, the body will always feel stress. Fixing the imbalance often gets to the bottom of the reason the adrenals are suffering and allows the body to heal. The hair analysis is a great way for me to see what is going on and where an imbalance lies so I can work with my client to correct the problem. For more information on hair analysis, contact me or visit my services page.

20 Rules for Adrenal Health and Repair

1.  Eat the right diet for your metabolic type and avoid junk food, fast foods, processed and microwaved foods. Poor dietary habits are stress to your body.

2. Be in bed by 10 PM and asleep by 10:30 PM as often as possible. Lack of sleep causes stress and one bad night’s sleep can ruin an entire week.

3. Sleep in until 9 AM as often as you can as this allows your adrenals to rest and heal.
4. Avoid the television, computers, and other electronic devices before bed as they are stimulating and can interfere with good sleep.

5.  Find things that make you laugh and laugh often.

6. Eliminate things in your life that steal your energy and leave you feeling drained. This includes things or “stuff” and people. Live simply and enjoy life!

7. Remove negative thoughts from your mind and focus on positive thoughts.

8. Do something everyday just for you. This may mean reading something uplifting, journaling, sitting on your patio, playing the piano etc – whatever you choose, make it relaxing and special.

9. Be grateful everyday for at least one thing and give thanks often. The more often you are thankful, the less time you have to be negative.

10. Breathe deeply and fully. Close your eyes and feel the breathe completely fill your body. Visualize all your stress leaving as you exhale.

11. Take Yoga or other parasympathetic exercises such as Pilates, Qi Gong, or Tai Chi.

12. Believe that you will recover and imagine yourself as well. See yourself as completely healthy and strong. God will give you what you expect and believe so believe the best – exercise your faith.

13. Keep a list of foods that make you feel “bad” and avoid them at all costs. Often they may seem tempting. If cravings are out of control, seek a practitioner to help you with amino acid therapy which will eliminate physical cravings for food addictions.

14. Chew your food well – at least 25 times – until it is liquid. Eat slowly and without rushing.

15. Drink a glass of water in the morning with ½ to 1 tsp of added sea salt. You shouldn’t taste the salt and if you do reduce the amount you add. If this improves how you feel, do it each day.

16. Limit time with family or friends who cause you stress. Learn to let things roll off your shoulders so that you do not allow others to stress you out.

17. Learn to say no. Leave work at work. Do what you can reasonably do in a given day and forget about the rest. This goes for stay at home Moms too! Do not try to be the super hero.

18. Make life style changes to simplify your life. Take control of your health and recovery.

19. Take whatever supplements your practitioner or doctor recommends faithfully and as prescribed.

20. Repeat this mantra daily – upon awakening and before bed: I love and care for my mind, body and soul. I choose to balance my body and my life and  think positive good thoughts.

Most of all LOVE – show love, give love, and accept love. Love is greater than all things and the best healer of all.

As always  feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts. I am here to teach, serve, and help others.