Since I know that word of mouth is the best source for referrals, I am offering a referral program and offering reward credits that you can use for your follow up test. Please don’t “rule” out friends, family or colleagues because you don’t think they are “ready”. I have seen many clients who come to the program extremely excited but then don’t follow through, while others do exactly the opposite. I am sure you want to see those around you become healthier and happier! Help me, help others, by referring clients to the program.

Here’s the criteria for receiving reward credit for your follow-up Mineral Balancing Test:                                            

  1. New referrals must order their test and place one order, (their first order), from Endomet for the basic supplements that are part of their program to qualify as a new referral.
  2. For each qualified referral, you will receive a $10 credit.
  3. The credit is good and may be applied to your follow up test, (retest), if you retest in the time frame recommended on your last program design.
  4. You can accumulate credits for every qualified referral – up to $50 per Retest. Any additional reward money will be “saved” and may be applied on future retests.
  5. Reward credits cannot be transferred to other clients.
  6. Upon referring a client, an email needs to be sent to me so I can update my records and track the client’s activity and track your credits.
  7. You will be notified when you receive reward money/credits – (See #1).
  8. All rewards may only be used as credits on Retests and is not available to be received as cash.



Here are the details for the Family Discount Program:

  1. If you have a “nuclear” family of 3 or more signing up for a Mineral Balancing Program, or currently on the program, you are eligible to receive a discount of $10 off each Hair Analysis that is ordered.
  2. A nuclear family consists of one or more parents, and children 18 and under, who live in the same household.
  3. Other family members – sisters, aunts, parents etc. who are not part of your nuclear family do not qualify for the Family Discount Program. However, extended family members do qualify as referrals!
  4. To receive the Family Discount, all tests must be ordered at the same time.
  5. Invoices for the tests will be sent via Paypal for the family discount – $10 off each test.

Contact me if you have any questions!