Integrative Wellness Group (IWG)-Dr. Nick Carruthers DC,BA

Integrative Wellness Group (IWG) takes a full body approach to chiropractic care, offering spinal adjustments as well as extremities, and treats muscular issues using ART and rehabilitation. They offer Sound Wave therapy which has been essential to my healing. Before working with Dr. Nick I never trusted chiropractors but Dr. Nick uses an approach that is safe and effective. Now I am comfortable recommending my clients to IWG. Their practices fit in with my holistic approach. They do offer nutritional programs which are not part of the Mineral Balancing program. Please stick with your MB program and do not use their services or supplements for nutritional guidance. They will respect the program you are doing with me and you can use this center for your chiropractic needs. All the staff and doctors are approachable and friendly.

Core Restore-Chris Verdi – Muscle Activation Technique (MAT)

Greg Roskopf is the owner and developer of Muscle Activation Techniques™, a program which he teaches to trainers and therapists across the country. Muscle Activation Specialist, Chris Verdi’s main focus is correcting and strengthening muscle weakness through MAT. This method identifies the weak muscles and reactivates them so they can fire correctly.  By applying firm pressure where the muscle connects to the bone, Chris “switches” on the connection between the muscle and the brain. Once the connection is restored this increases the recovery time, reaction time, and threshold of your muscular system’s ability to handle exercise and movement more efficiently.

Once the muscles are firing on demand, this reduces the body’s need to compensate. MAT is a fundamental technique for providing the right environment for the healing and recovery process to begin. Chris has been an integral part of my healing process. Everyone can benefit from MAT sessions with Chris.

True Concepts Organic Hair Salon in Red Bank NJ Salon Owner: Kim Katz

True Concepts Hair Design  is a truly unique experience specializing in organic hair care products. Services include: designer cuts, coloring, styling treatments, and makeup or makeovers and comes with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

I met Kim at a networking event, made an appointment and became a loyal customer. True Concepts is the best, It is truly unique in that it uses organic products, including organic color. No chemical smell or toxic odors! It is also very affordable and I recommend True Concepts to anyone in NJ.

Skin Deep

EWG is a great organization with lots of wonderful information regarding holistic and healthy topics. “Skin Deep” is one of their pages that shows you the toxicity of products you use everyday. Everything from shampoo to sunscreen is listed, allowing you to make smarter choices and avoid toxins. If you want information on a product that isn’t listed, simply paste the list of ingredients into their database under “build your own report” and you will have created your own report.

Hendricks Farm and Dairy

Trent Hendricks operates an amazing farm in Telford PA. Grass fed beef, lamb, and free range chicken are just a few of items available. Trent is a master artisan cheese-maker as well. Butter, prepared artisan foods, and raw milk are also part of the menu.