Breakfast can be the hardest meal to prepare with cooked veggies. Here is one of my favorite recipes for breakfast!

This recipe is good for anyone who is not suffering from serious digestive issues. Remember that if you have digestive issues, you should avoid mixing proteins and starches until your digestion improves.

Breakfast Burrito

1 chicken sausage (no pork casing)

1 Brown rice tortilla

5 to 6 cups of greens (spinach, kale, or whatever you choose)


Brown the rice tortilla in a pan or steam it so it is soft. (I like my crunchy and choose to break off sections to eat rather than folding it burrito style).

Remove the tortilla and place on a plate.

Dice and lightly cook the chicken sausage. Add the greens and cook until tender. Use a little water if needed. Fast oxidizers can use a little butter.

Place the filling on the tortilla. Fold the tortilla (if soft), or eat flat if crunchy.