What is Raindrop Therapy?

Every day our bodies experience and undergo tremendous change through interactions with others and exposure to different environments. These events cause stress upon the body and bringing the body back into structural alignment requires realigning the body’s natural electricity energy. How do we do this? This is where Raindrop Therapy™ can effectively come in and improve your energy level while bringing your body back into alignment.

Raindrop Therapy™ includes:

  • Vita Flex
  • Reflexology
  • Spinal Alignment
  • Energy Restoration
  • Massage
  • Young Living™ Essential Oils

At Holistic Wellness from Within™, our Raindrop Therapy™ uses Vita Flex, reflexology, massage techniques, and Young Living essential oils applied on various locations of the body- primarily the feet and spine – to bring the body into structural alignment and realign the body’s electrical energy. This method is designed to bring balance to the body while providing you with a relaxing and/or energizing experience.

How does Raindrop Therapy™ release blocked energy?

Raindrop Therapy™ is gentle. As your energy centers are aligned, you will also experience the release of “blocked” energy that often creates stress and illness. Therapeutic grade oils also break up bacteria as they penetrate the body. The oils send a plethora of oxygen to the cells, and dis-ease cannot live in oxygenated cells hence Raindrop Therapy™ has the power to heal the body emotionally and physically.

 Why do people respond differently to Raindrop Therapy™?

Since we are all “unique” individuals, each individual may respond differently to healing therapies and you may even respond to the same modality differently as your body chemistry is in a constant state of change. Raindrop Therapy™ allows the oils to work as needed with your body chemistry at any given time. Raindrop Therapy™ suggests the use of nine “basic” Young Living Essential oils applied to the feet and spine during a Raindrop Therapy™ session. At Holistic Wellness from Within™, I often vary the oils used based on an individual’s unique needs. I may use calming oils for client with a lot of stress and more energizing oils for clients who need more motivation or energy. Whatever you experience, the results are always amazing and exactly what your body needs!

What can you expect during a session?

During a Raindrop Therapy™ session, I will use the following tools:

• Massage Table
• Nine Essential Oils
• Wet and dry towel

Body Position: In a Raindrop Therapy™ session, you will come into a relaxing environment with a massage table. You will remove clothing from your upper body and feet and lie face down on a massage table with your head resting in the face cradle. Arms may rest comfortably at the sides of the body and hips are flat on the table. A blanket can be used to create warmth if needed and relaxing music is played in the background to help promote deep relaxation.

Footwork First: I begin a Raindrop Therapy™ session with the bottoms of the feet since they are the most absorbent part of the body. Nine different Oils are applied to the bottoms of both feet along the “spine” of the foot using the Vita Flex technique. The Vita Flex technique allows the oils to fully penetrate the cells and promote healing.

Moving Up the Body: Next nine oils are applied to the spine using a feathering technique and then various other massage techniques that allow the spine to open up and receive the oils. Some of the techniques gently pull the tissue away from the spine creating space for the spine to move and realign as well as remove bacteria from the body. If any oil creates too much heat on sensitive skin, I immediately add massage oil to the skin to dilute the oil and the heat dissipates.

Dry & Wet Towels: A dry towel is placed over the back and a hot wet towel is placed over the dry towel to create a moist compress. This moist heat will help the oils penetrate the body deeply and quickly. I monitor this process closely so the client stays comfortable. Usually the heat builds and peaks in about 8 minutes and then slowly dissipates but if the heat is too intense, the towel can be removed.

Once the towel is removed, I have the client roll on to their back while I continue aligning the spine by gently stretching the neck.

I adjust any of the process as needed for each client. For example, I can avoid applying oils to the feet or skip the neck stretches if requested. Again, a variety of oils can be used as needed if a client has special needs or requests.

How long will Raindrop Therapy last?

Each person responds differently to the session. Some people will feel better for months after a Raindrop Therapy™ session and others will need frequent treatments. If a person is very toxic, the treatment should be done and as part of a good detoxification program. Proper nutrition and other “positive” lifestyle habits contribute to a healthier body and allow the benefits to last longer.

How often should I schedule Raindrop Therapy follow up sessions?

How often you have a Rainbow Therapy™ session depends upon your individual health and wellness needs. Regular follow up sessions always ensure proper alignment. I live a very healthy lifestyle and schedule regular bi-weekly Raindrop Therapy™ sessions because I understand and appreciate the healing benefits of the therapy. However whatever you can schedule is beneficial and highly recommended. I used to get regular massages but have found Raindrop Therapy™ to be a more healing technique – due to the use of Young Living Essential Oils. I already use these Young Living Essential Oils daily and value having them applied deeply into the spine as a dis-ease prevention therapy. Whenever I detox, I always schedule a Raindrop Therapy™ session. 

Can I have a Raindrop Therapy session in person at my home or office?

Yes. If you live within 25 miles of Matawan NJ and would like a Raindrop Therapy session at your house, please contact at my Contact Page or by phone at 609-468-4220.

To purchase a session use the PayPal button below. I will contact you to schedule a time for your session as soon as I receive notice of payment.

Note that an additional travel fee will be assessed for anyone outside of a 25-mile radius of Doreen’s office if the session is scheduled in your home. Call me for details.


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