According to Wikipedia a “healer” (alternative medicine) is “one who purports to aid recovery from ill health.” This is in part what I do and I consider myself a healer even though in reality I am only putting your body in a place where it can heal itself. I also help individuals who are a-symptomatic (without symptoms) rid their bodies of toxins so they can avoid becoming ill. Unfortunately the absence of symptoms does not define good health and by the time symptoms occur we know the body has been out of balance for a long time.

My work is simple, yet complex. It is simple in that I can look at the results of a hair analysis and see what is happening at the cellular level of a your body. This is where health starts – at the cellular level. By the time imbalances show up in the blood, you are either already ill, or headed to disease and past the point of being in a place to do preventative work.

This doesn’t mean I can’t help you, but it means the journey to homeostasis is more than likely going to be a little harder and perhaps longer. And just so you understand the goal of my program is to put the body in homeostasis. The body is like an engine. When it is perfectly tuned, everything works well. When it is out of tune, things begin to fail.  I often get asked how does one get so imbalanced and out of tune?

Well our bodies wear down just like a perfectly tuned car engine doesn’t stay tuned unless we provide it with the proper maintenance. We can’t live in a bubble and therefore we are constantly exposed to toxins. When our minerals are balanced correctly and all “systems” are functioning as designed, we are able to dump toxins and remain healthy. It is the storage of these toxins in various organs of the body that cause disease.

We are storing more and more toxins than ever due to unhealthy diets, lifestyles and certainly due to taking the wrong supplements for our body. The concept is very simple but the fine-tuning methods I use are complex. Just like most of us have no idea how a mechanic fine-tunes our cars, you do not need to understand the complexity of your results. That is my job. Yes, I break down the basics and explain the results to you so you can understand them, but the science behind the ratios and numbers isn’t important to you.  The program I design IS the key! And best of all, you are able to have a retest down the road so we can SEE the results and quantify that the program works!

It is simple because it requires nothing more than lifestyle and diet adjustments and a correct regime of supplements designed to meet EACH client’s needs. It is also complex because it requires lifestyle and diet adjustments and a correct regime of supplements for each client that means it requires change. Change is usually the biggest obstacle to any new program. The definition of insanity according to Einstein is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” The changes I ask you to make aren’t hard and they are often lifesaving. Once you begin to implement the program, feel better, make better decisions, you will find you don’t even miss your old bad habits.

I can help you cure and prevent most ailments without medications. Medications are never a cure but a band-aid that only covers up a bigger issue. IF medications provide “relief”, it is temporary and comes with a price tag. ALL medications have side effects, harm the liver, and should be avoided with very few exceptions. My programs bring healing and restore health. Again I can work with anyone anywhere. You never have to physically see me for me to provide you with exactly what you need and I have clients all over the country and even worldwide. All my programs are approved by Dr. Lawrence Wilson before they are handed over to you so you can rest knowing that several professionals are working with on your program!

Call me today for more information. Initial phone consultations are always free and I can answer your questions so you can decide if you are finally ready to get serious and try something that really works. Have a great day and don’t forget to visit the hair analysis tab on my home page for more details.

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