The REAL Truth About Parasites
My Story:

It took me over 10 years to feel educated, and brave enough, to do a Parasite cleanse. However, after 3 months of not sleeping more than 3 to 4 hours and constant itching, I was close to going insane. Knowing that parasite cleanses were very dangerous and could possibly make my problems worse, I finally caved and found a program that I felt safe to use.

However, the first program I tried had horrific side effects. There was no way to dose the product to adjust to individual needs. After taking ALL of the product, and feeling fine, I wound up with serious digestive issues and diarrhea that last for 3 months. My side effects didn’t start until weeks after I had “taken” all the product. The diarrhea was so severe that I couldn’t leave the house. This was not acceptable and extremely hard to manage. I would never have subjected anyone to such torture.

Then I stumbled on Systemic Formulas. I loved their products! I was able to speak with their staff and doctors and signed up to work with them as a practitioner.

Their training programs are amazing, and I regularly watch training seminars on line on everything from gut health, to food intolerances, to parasite info, and more. During a training on parasites, I was introduced to the dangers of parasites and how one can safely get rid of parasites. I was able to speak with doctors and understand how Systemic Formula products were created and how they work.

I decided to try the parasite cleanse! It was amazing! I no longer itch, my sleep has improved and my digestive issues and stomach pain are gone!  Now that I am parasite-free, I am working to restore my gut health which is easy to do without toxic parasites.

Here’s why you need a safe Parasite Cleanse:

Many of you have been tested for Parasites and done cleanses in the past, but I want to share some facts regarding Parasite cleanses, including why they are often extremely dangerous.

  1. Testing for parasites is not effective and often misses many parasites that are hiding out in the body.
  2. Parasites can actually be “stirred” up during a cleanse and multiply – leaving you with MORE parasites than you had before you started your cleanse.
  3. Clients need to be monitored while on a Parasite cleanse to assure they are safely removing parasites and addressing any issues that may arise.
  4. Until these nasty bugs are gone – healing the gut is impossible. The Parasites will continually wreak havoc in the gut and the microbiome cannot be balanced or healthy.

Why my program using products from Systemic Formula is safe and effective:

  1. My program is personalized! Following suggested protocols can be dangerous as every one is unique and may need personalized recommendations to assure you are safely removing parasites. This approach assures less die off issues and can accommodate those who are very sensitive. Trust me the side effects can be horrible!
  2. No expensive testing is required. The products I recommend will remove ALL parasites in most clients in just 45 days. This requires 3 rounds of cycling products. (Serious infestations may required 4 to 5 cycles, but this is rarely needed).
  3. SUPPORT is crucial. Adjusting the dosage and assuring that you are on the right track is a must. My program includes support, plus as a practitioner, I also have access to the doctors at Systemic Formulas who are available to answer all questions and assist if needed.
  4. The use of an inexpensive Zapper can be used in combination with the products (optional). I also assist with recommendations for using the Zapper as it varies from person to person.
  5. With my program you pay for the all the products you need for the FULL 45 day cleanse and on going support is included!


What can I expect to experience during a Parasite cleanse?

Parasites do not want to leave! You may feel irritable or have die-off symptoms during your cleanse. You may become constipated or have diarrhea. Digestive issues may occur. If these symptoms are intense, I can help adjust your program to address symptoms and allow you to continue the cleanse – safely! My program can be done gently. This is extremely important as many protocols are harsh and cannot be followed or tolerated.

What if I have issues following the program? 

This is why my program is so safe and unique. Many aggressive and harsh protocols cannot be followed, and clients stop the cleanse. This is dangerous as the angry “bugs” begin to multiply and you wind up with more parasites than you have before you started the cleanse. My program provides you with the support you may need to adjust dosages and address die-off so you can complete the cleanse. You will need to, and be able to, commit to the program – with support you will have everything you need to follow the full 45 day program!

Is it necessary to be concerned about Parasites?

YES! “LIVE” parasites are extremely problematic as they continually destroy the microbiome of the gut. Your body simply can’t heal when parasites are present – and we all have them. For most client’s parasitical infestations are hindering the healing process and stand in the way of finding ultimate wellness.

How often do I have to do a Parasite Cleanse?

This can vary from person to person, but with my program, you should be able to do the cleanse once and use the Zapper on a maintenance program to keep Parasites away. If you are exposed to parasites while traveling etc, you may need to do a cleanse every few years, or as determined by your practitioner.

Do I need to be on a special diet?

As always, a healthy diet is recommended. Protein intake should be reduced slightly, with less consumption of red meat during the 10 day cycling phases when you are taking the products.

Why is the Parasite Program expensive?

I don’t recommend “shopping” for a cheap Parasite Cleanse. As you are likely to end up with more parasites then you had when you started. With my program you will receive ALL the products you need to do the full cleanse. I trust Systemic Formulas and have found other products to be horribly harsh and dangerous to use. Systemic Formulas Parasite Cleanse is safe, effective and easily managed! While Systemic Products may cost more, with a parasite cleanse, you get what you pay for. This cleanse will kill all types of parasites leaving nothing to breed in your gut. If you don’t want to suffer from months of digestive issues, diarrhea and other awful side effects, you need to approach a parasite cleanse carefully and with supervision. Plus, on my program you receive all products and complete support!

Can’t a healthy diet that eliminates sugar get rid of parasites?

Unfortunately – No. I thought I could get rid of parasites on a good Mineral Balancing program, but without the right products to “kill” the bugs, they do not die. Parasites are highly resilient. They will live on anything and everything in your body. Parasites are impossible to starve, (and trust me I tried)! I did everything imaginable to get rid of these critters without using any parasite cleanse. The good news is that now you can kill them and, in keep them away.




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