Here’s a list of the Parasite Products you receive when you order your Parasite Cleanse. You will receive enough of each product, (see the amount of each product you will receive next to the definition), to complete the FULL 45 Day Cleanse – with COMPLETE SUPPORT while on the cleanse.


VRM1 – Clinical Dose of wormseed oil and black walnut leaves in an herbal support blend of garlic, pau d’arco, rose hips, zapilopatle beans, jalapa and more. VRM1 addresses large intestinal worms, such as tapeworms.

(3 Bottles – 30 Capsules)  


VRM2 – Clinical Dose of Kamala and whole Wormseed herb in a base of black walnut, quassia bark, bromelain, and bethyl nut. VRM2 addresses small, intestinal and blood-based parasites including roundworms (Nematoda) and microfilaria.

(3 Bottles – 30 Capsules)   


VRM3 – Clinical Dose of valerian root, wild geranium and black walnut for symbiotic microbiome support. VRM3 addresses mirco-organisms in the intestines such as giardia, C-Diff, entamoeba histolytica (Protozoa, Amoeba, and some gram positive bacteria).

(3 Bottles – 30 Capsules)    


VRM4 – Clinical Dose of Maracuja, Kamala and Guarana. Formulated specifically to support an already healhy intracellular immune response. VRM4 addresses mobile parasites such as flukes (Trematoda) as well as those that invade the cells.  

(3 Bottles – 30 Capsules)                        


WO – WO is an essential oil combination “medicine chest” in a bottle—and thus plays a multi purpose “fix about everything” role for people who prefer natural solutions for life’s temporary minor travails at home and during travel. People call it “Wonder Oil” as well as “Worm Oil” for its main ingredient os a rare worm seed essential oil. A potent“Yang” energy formula, WO supports circulation and active epidermal processes. The purpose of WO oil in a Parasite Cleanse is that it is formulated to expel the parasites in addition to the other positive benefits provided by WO.

1 Bottle

SUPPORT PRODUCTS – Includes in Parasite Cleanse:

ACX – High potency, broad-spectrum detoxifier; an excellent drainage formula for use in any cleansing, elimination program, and/or detoxification program, especially for organ detoxification. In addition, support is provided for the liver, especially the left lobe, and the kidneys. Helps avoid cleansing reactions (Herxheimer’s).

(2 Bottles – 60 Capsules)                                                     


Colon – This formula assists in toning the bowel tissue and supports peristalsis. It is a hydragogue (the ability to draw water into the colon), thus assists with lymphatic and bowel purification. Mildly laxative, for temporary weak bowel function.

(2 Bottles – 60 Capsules)                                    


You will receive complete instructions before starting the cleanse. Support will include monitoring and adjusting the amount of product, if and as needed, addressing any die-off symptoms and handling any other questions or concerns. You will receive information regarding the Zapper and how to use it, if you choose, plus assistance in monitoring the use of the Zapper.


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