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45 Day Cleanse with Tincture

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You can read about the difference between capsules and the tincture below. 


Gas/Bloating Yeast Infections/Candida Insomnia/Sleep Issues
Digestive Problems Acne Sexual Dysfunction
Diarrhea Rashes/Itchy Skin Fatigue or Weakness
Constipation Dermatitis/Eczema/Hives Chronic Fatigue
Nausea/Vomiting Itchy mouth/nose/anus Sore/Stiff Joints
Stomach Pain/Tenderness Ulcers/Sores/Lesions Sore/Weak Muscles
Weight Loss/ Weight Gain Nervousness Anemia
Always Hungry Anxiety Breathing Problems
Loss of Appetite Mood disorders Bleeding gums
Crave Sugar/Junk food Memory Problems Grinding Teeth at Night
Food Allergies/Sensitivities Headaches  

Looking at this list, you can tell that identifying a parasite problem is very complex! Almost everyone has at least one of these symptoms, and many of the symptoms can also be attributed to other issues – from mineral imbalances to toxins! So what now? Where do we start and how can we enhance our Mineral Balancing program so we can see better and faster results? I recommend a safe and effective Parasite Cleanse, preferably done along with your Mineral Balancing Program. But how do we know if we have parasites? Almost every single person living has parasites. Parasites live in our bodies, similar to how bacteria lives on every single thing we touch. When we think about parasites, we think they are only a problem in third world countries where cleanliness is an issue. This is false. Developed countries suffer from just as many parasite infections as less developed countries. We just aren’t taught about parasites and conventional doctors rarely even consider addressing this issue. Plus when they do, they recommend toxic medications! While some parasites are benign, many/most cause poor health and create tons of symptoms. Parasite infestations will hinder our healing and the ability for our microbiome to become healthy and balanced. We simply cannot be well when our “gut” is not healthy! A good and safe Parasite Cleanse is recommended to help you truly find healing and health!

You have two options – one using capsules and the other using a tincture. I recommend the tincture for several reasons:


  1. Tinctures are added to water making them easier and faster to digest. 
  2. The tincture is LESS expensive. Not only will you save money but you will have tincture left over after finishing the cleanse. This can be taken for periodic maintenance. If you take the full recommended amount of the capsules, they will be gone when you complete the cleanse. 


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