Bioresonance is defined as the inherent measurable electromagnetic waves emitted by cells and their components, tissues and organs in all living organisms.

Bioresonance is based on the concept and observation that all living organisms and their components, the cells, tissues and organs, emit measurable electromagnetic waves. The frequency of these waves can vary from cell to cell or organ to organ and from tissue to tissue, based on their biochemical and physiological environment. Accordingly, these can vary in responses to a variety of stresses from biochemical and physiological responses to pathogens, allergens, chemicals, or alteration in DNA. It has also been shown and measured that electromagnetic waves or oscillations emitted by diseased organs including cancer cells vary from those emitted by healthy cells due to their differences in cell metabolism and DNA damage.

Oberon Biofeedback Bioresonance machines have been developed with high level of engineering of the hardware and software using highly sophisticated nonlinear statistical (NLS) algorithms. The devices are state of the art machines built with industry’s pioneering and most advanced hardware and software technology. The Bioresonance Biofeedback machines created, manufactured, sold and supported by Oberon are the original and authentic ones, not to be confused with cheap clones sold over the internet.

Bacteria, viruses, allergies, fungi, waste toxins, hormonal imbalances, adverse stress responses and electromagnetic pollution from various sources alter the physiology, biochemistry, and functions of various organs and tissues which manifests into a disease state. This, in turn, interferes and alters the cell resonance frequencies. Logically it follows that altering the natural frequency of healthy organs will create an unhealthy environment for the cells and tissues which in turn can promote allergies, illness, and disease. It has been determined that resonance frequency emitted in the diseased state compared to healthy one is lower, and if compensated and increased by external input, can help restore the energy deficit and promote healing and reversal of the disease state. In short unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves and that changing these waves back to normal will minimize the damaging effects of the disease and promote healing and cure of the body. This is the basis of Bioresonance Biofeedback Therapy. By working with different tissues and organs under different pathological conditions, it has been shown that each disease state elicits its own signature resonance frequency compared to the healthy ones. Bioresonance provides non-invasive scans for recognizing different conditions that may lead to disease and then allows therapy to be applied to correct these issues.

From the point of view of ease of use, noninvasive treatment, time and expense, Bioresonance Therapy is becoming more and more acceptable to people who prefer alternative natural medicine. Bioresonance Therapy has given relief to many people all over the world.

At Holistic Wellness From Within, I use highly sensitive probes that record the frequencies through a sample of toe and/or fingernails. This provides highly accurate diagnostic scans that have proven to be highly accurate and useful tools. They are reliable, totally non-invasive, and inexpensive.

Plus, you do not need to travel to take advantage of Oberon services. It is inexpensive and convenient, and it works.

As your practitioner, I can run your scans and apply meta-therapies while you go about your daily life! I will also make recommendations that will assist in improving your health and may prepare tinctures, based on your personal results, that can also help in the healing process.

Most importantly, as your Bioresonance practitioner I can immediately switch the machine into Biofeedback mode to correct the frequency of the ailing body part by externally adjusting it with frequency generator thus getting it into healthy resting stage that promotes healing.

Disclaimer: Oberon Biofeedback or its parent company and subsidiaries strongly urge their readers and followers to be responsible for their health care and choices they make. In matter of health they must talk to their primary health care provider and be under their supervision and consultation.