January is passing and once again you find yourself wondering when you will find time to take care of your health. Perhaps you have already broken those wonderful New Year’s Resolutions or maybe you didn’t even make them.

Daily we take our health for granted. We think as long as we can get out of bed life is good. We are tired, cranky, overworked, malnourished, and on our way to disaster. Yet we continue to push our minds and body often to exhaustion.

Most clients come to me with many issues that often could have been avoided  if they had only taken the time to access their health, listen to their body, and act accordingly. We seldom wait for our car or homes to “break down”.  Routine oil changes, furnace inspections and other issues are monitored with extreme care and we understand the need for “maintenance” when it comes to our homes or cars.

However, we ignore our bodies until we have no choice but to listen.We may visit a conventional MD who has NO idea how to help us prevent illness, or often only prescribes medications to treat symptoms without looking at the “cause”. Would you put a band-aid over a leak in your roof? Of course not!  So why not treat your body with even greater care and respect? After all isn’t your health as important as your car or home?

Please don’t wait any longer! Take time to have a HAIR ANALYSIS. Learn what your body REALLY needs and what you can do to heal your body or prevent future problems. A HAIR ANALYSIS will provide you with a wealth of information and best of all it’s affordable.

Still unsure of your next step? Try one of these options:

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  4. Call me for a phone consultation!

So now you have NO excuses for not taking care of YOU. Today is the day – email or call NOW! I look forward to hearing from you soon.