Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is like an emotional smart bomb…It’s true!  NLP will go straight to work on the subconscious to eliminate problems like addiction, negative patterns, habits and other things that hold people back from achieving the success they deserve.

Unlike other modalities, it doesn’t matter why you have a certain habit or addiction.  That’s not important.  Instead, we get right to the business of reprogramming your damaging thought patterns on a subconscious level.

NLP really is easy to do. There are no drugs and no pain, only incredible outcomes—and you could be next!


As a Holistic Lifestyle Consultant I have found NLP to be an incredible tool.

Let’s take the issue of weight loss for instance.  Before I was fortunate enough to discover NLP I had already begun to realize that many clients get stuck trying to lose weight because of their thoughts. I knew that often no matter what they ate, they would be stuck in a weight loss rut. 

Enter NLP.  My clients started to get over the hurdle that existed in the subconscious allowing them to remain overweight.  I soon realized that this was the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle, and could then be applied to so many other problematic issues from phobias – to depression – to nicotine addiction – and even learning disabilities.

NLP can actually retrain your subconscious mind to give you more willpower to change the habits that keep you stuck in life.

Just imagine what this could mean if you’re a business owner for example.  You could start making more money, charging what you’re worth, build your self-confidence and stop self sabotage.

Or let’s take relationships for another example.  Let’s say you end up in dead end or damaging and hurtful relationships over and over again, NLP can give you the self-image improvements you need to expect more and make lasting positive changes.

The fact is, when we realize that most of our decisions are driven from our subconscious mind and we use NLP to bring our thoughts both subconscious and conscious together, we are able to find success.

Whether you need to lose weight, quit smoking, approve athletic performance, increase your financial earnings or find the right relationship, Neuro- Linguistic Programming could be the answer you’re looking for.  But only if you take action.




Personalized Sessions for Everyone – Clients and non-clients are welcome to schedule personal NLP, Ho’noponopono, meditation, yoga or Pilates sessions. Session are held in my office but also available by phone or Zoom. All sessions are 45 minutes. All sessions are based on each individuals needs and goals. Call Doreen, at 609-468-4220 if you have questions or would like more information.

45 Minute NLP, Meditation, Ho’noponopono, Yoga Or Pilates Sessions $125

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