Nebulizer for Lung and Viral Infections

I recommend everyone has a nebulizer in their home to use as needed for any viral or lung infections. It is simple and easy to use.

A desk top nebulizer, such as the one in this recommended. It does not have to be this brand, but it does need to have a mask. If you have this on hand you will be ready if you need to use it! Do not wait until you, or a loved one is ill, as this can take a few days to gather everything you need to begin therapy.

Here is the recipe for the solution that goes into the nebulizer:

1 pint of pure or distilled water

1 tsp of sea salt – any quality brand of sea salt will work but please NO table salt

¾ tsp of 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide – You can use another brand but 12% is preferred

See info below about adding optional Iodine.

Store this solution in your fridge and share it with friends and family as you do not need much of it per treatment, so it goes a long way.

 To Nebulize:

Place ½ tsp of the solution in the receptacle for your nebulizer. You can add 1 drop of Iodine, (Lugol’s iodine solution 2%), if you like, but do not store the iodine in the solution – only add it to the nebulizer, when you are ready to do a treatment. Cover your face with the mask and true on the nebulizer. Breath in and out slowly. You can alternate breathing the nose and then the mouth to allow the treatment to work on the sinuses and the throat. Continue breathing slowly until the solution is gone and no more mist comes out of the nebulizer (about 10 to 15 minutes).

If you are ill, use the nebulizer every hour or so until you see improvement in your breathing, then continue doing treatments several times a day for a week or until all symptoms have subsided.

Nebulizing should be done about two times a week as this will maintain a healthy and clean respiratory system.  

I also recommend taking 1 tsp of Juuva Silver every hour, if ill, and 1 tsp 3X’s a day for preventative care or to clear long term infections. Info on ordering the Juuva Silver is available at the shared link. I always keep Juuva in my home!

You can visit this link to watch a video on how to use the nebulizer: