There’s no denying the connection between our physical health and our thoughts. The problem we often encounter is that we are very unaware of the negatNLP Basicsive self-talk that exists in our mind. We have no idea how often we are thinking negative thoughts that permeate our subconscious mind day in and day out. As a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, I understand that decisions we make come from our subconscious mind and therefore I know the importance of removing the negative influences from our subconscious mind. I also know how difficult this can be when one doesn’t even recognize or know that the negativity exists! This is where NLP helps and you can visit my page on NLP for more information, as I am not going to delve into NLP in this article.  


Let’s just talk about the basic frustrations of life, one we all experience. Often we are constantly telling ourselves how unhappy we are with everything from our relationships to our careers. We feel “stuck” in jobs, relationships, and life in general. Furthermore, many humans resist change. In fact we don’t initiate change but “wait” for it to happen which actually leaves us feeling powerless and frustrated on a deeper level.

I have a sticker in my room that reads: “THE ONLY THING THAT IS CONSTANT IS CHANGE.” This empowers me to remember to embrace and create change allowing my life to evolve into something better. It may not come without pain, and it certainly isn’t easy, but it gives me freedom and power. However, often we are too “busy” to stop and evaluate our lives or even look at the direction we are headed.

To make matters worse, many of us have been bought up to believe that if we think anything good about ourselves we are conceited and proud. Therefore, even when we receive a compliment we often refuse to accept it and in order to remain humble, we diminish or reject anything nice that is said to us.

This constant negativity can easily manifest itself in our physical body. It can appear in the form of simple aches and pains or something more serious – such as heart disease or cancer. The reason being is that negative talk produces stress, which causes our adrenals to produce too much of certain hormones that lead to disease. In order to cure illness and find optimal health, negative self-talk needs to be addressed and change has to occur, both physically and often mentally.

However if the body’s minerals are imbalanced it can be nearly impossible to stop negativity. Again – physical and mental health are TIED together! Everyone enters my program with imbalances and before true clarity and complete positive affirmations can take place, one must be able to remove physical toxins from the body, so they can think clearly. Many clients come into the program in “four lows” which is a state of mineral depletion.

While they may function “normally” on a day-to-day basis, they are driving their body into exhaustion, even if they don’t know it. This eventually leads to more and more adrenal burn out which leads to further depletion and can even cause illness. Other imbalances also exist that make it difficult, if not impossible, for someone to think rationally and make positive changes and good decisions. These all show up on the hair analysis, allowing me to address and correct the issues.

First let me address how toxins affect thoughts by giving you an example. All of us are overloaded with copper and many other minerals as well as toxic metals. When this overload becomes more than the body can take, or if the copper is being stored in the brain from some reason, a person will experience many of the following symptoms: fatigue, brain fogginess, ADD, ADHD, insomnia, memory disorders, depression and in severe cases even suicidal thoughts.

In order to bring health to the mind and body, the copper has to be released and permitted to leave the body SAFELY.  Iron is another mineral that we all have in excess and creates frustration, anger and even rage. Mercury overload can lead to disease such as MS. AND these are just a few examples of how an overload of minerals and toxins in the body disrupt homeostasis and make us unhealthy, both physically and mentally.

The program I use at Holistic Wellness From Within is designed to put the body in homeostasis so that WHEN THE BODY IS READY, it will naturally begin to dump metals. Over time as many as two-dozen toxic metals are eliminated from the body!  As detoxing occurs, symptoms may be exasperated for a short period of time, but this is just part of the healing process. The solution is not to take medications such as sleeping pills, Prozac or other so-called remedies that only HIDE the symptoms but never address the true probHolistic Tree 3lem, which is toxicity.

I monitor your program to address your changing needs so you constantly move towards better balance. For example, a slow oxidizer may flip into an overly fast state of oxidation. This is normal since we bounce between a fine “line” of balance that we are seeking to find and then maintain. Stress can easily cause mineral levels and mineral ratios to change. This change can occur slowly but at times it happens very suddenly. Since our bodies are in a constant state of change, programs may need adjusted to meet the changes we are experiencing. 

With my assistance you can safely stay the course and enjoy the journey to wellness, eventually finding more energy and feeling better physically and emotionally. It is essential that a well-qualified practitioner monitor your program in order to assure that adjustments, to your supplement, lifestyle and diet, are made as needed and correctly.

This is what I do with the assistance of my colleagues and Dr. Lawrence Wilson. Click HERE to visit Dr. Wilson’s website where you can find qualified practitioners and read more about our nutritional balancing program. Don’t live with fatigue, pain, a lack of direction or clarity and a host of other issues. There is a road to better health.

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