doreen-resized-256x300Nutritional lifestyle consultant Doreen McCafferty founded Holistic Wellness from Within LLC on the principle that optimal health and wellness requires a holistic approach to all areas of a person’s life to create a joyful, vibrant and high quality life.

On this website she explains why you need a Hair Mineral Analysis, including your own Nutritional Balancing Program as the starting point to begin on your journey to healing and optimal wellness.

An advocate of a holistic lifestyle, Doreen is a certified Nutrition Lifestyle Consultant with the Chek Institute, skilled in working one-on-one with clients to assess and recommend the best Nutrition Balancing Programs for your individual needs. No two programs are alike! No appointments is needed and Doreen has clients all over the world. 

She also works with individuals as a mentor to help them develop a career in the field of Mineral Balancing and Program Design and assist them in receiving a certifcation and access to the Analytical Research Lab. 

Doreen has over 30 years of experience in the field of Fitness, Nutritional and Lifestyle Program Design, Hair Mineral Analysis and Dr Eck’s Nutritional Balancing Program.