Ho’oponopono is a very powerful, ancient Hawaiian healing method that facilitates forgiveness within you.

People who make it a part of their daily lives are transformed forever.  I know this because it happened to me.

Ho’oponopono releases problems and blocks that cause imbalance, stress, and dis-ease in the body; brings peace and balance through a physical, mental, and spiritual “cleansing” and creates balance, freedom, love, peace, and wisdom within individuals, other social entities, the world, and the Universe.

On this page I’m going to reveal the true story and show you how you can have similar results.  So sit back, relax and start to be inspired.

First of all, you should know that there are four healing phrases used in a mantra that allow “you” to focus on nothing but yourself, and let go, or as I like to say “let God.” 

Simply stated, Ho’oponopono is the Art of Forgiveness. Here are the four simple Ho’oponopono phrases that are repeated to God, a Higher Power, or the Divine:

I am sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you

Now this sounds simple but it’s actually quite profound and powerfully effective, almost immediately.

In fact, you don’t even need to understand how Ho’oponopono works in order to experience its amazing healing and life changing power.…now I will show you this power first hand by sharing my own incredible journey of Ho’oponopono discovery!

I had been working for months with an amazing client. During our nutrition and lifestyle work together we often discussed the power of “thoughts” and how thoughts create reality. I constantly encouraged her to set her thoughts on perfect health and to believe she was well.

One night during our session she told me she had begun drinking blue solar water, explaining that it had healing properties. She said the water was part of a practice called Ho’oponopono. (I had no idea what she was talking about).

She told me she put water in blue bottles and placed them in the sun for at least an hour and then drink the water.

Ho’oponopono solar water can be drank anytime and added to anything; coffee, tea, used as rinse after showering, and you can even wash your clothes in it.

She explained that I could use any blue bottle as long as it had no metal cap. I figured it couldn’t hurt to drink water that was full of the energy from the sun so I got some blue bottles and started making solar water.

This was my introduction to Ho’oponopono. 

I started drinking the water– usually in the evening before bed – and I started researching Ho’oponopono via the web.

A few months later I was going through a very difficult time in my life, struggling with relationships, finances, my career, and job situations.  Everything seemed in turmoil.

Memorial Day weekend was approaching and I had decided to spend the weekend alone – writing my book.

That Saturday afternoon my daughter called and said that her computer had crashed. She was about to begin grad school and needed to complete many assignments over the weekend, so she wanted to come home and use my computer. I relinquished my computer to my daughter and decided I must have needed rest. I wasn’t going to be able to write. I figured this was God’s way of directing me to take time off – so I did.

That’s when it happened…

 I downloaded an audio book from the web called “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale. The book was about Ho’oponopono.



The book began by sharing an amazing story about a Hawaiian doctor named Dr. Hew Len. Dr. Hew Len had healed an entire ward of mentally ill inmates at a facility in Hawaii using the Ho’oponopono method, without ever seeing or working directly with any of the patients!

I was intrigued. As I continued to listen to the book, I learned that the facility where Dr. Hew Len worked was a maximum-security mental institute.  Many inmates were shackled and not even allowed outside. The inmates often attacked each other and staff. The staff called off sick and absenteeism was high due to the horrible working conditions.

Upon arriving at the facility Dr. Hew Len simply began asking for patients files. He took each file and began “cleaning”.

This is the process taught in the Ho’oponopono technique. Dr. Hew Len believes that we are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING brought into our lives – because we have attracted it. While the problem may not be our “fault” we are still responsible for the issue.

If we hear about war in another country, we have a responsibility to heal ourselves – and thus heal the part of us that “created” the war. If a friend tells us they have cancer – again we are responsible to clean “ourselves” and heal the part of us that created the cancer. This applies to everything – 100% responsibility!

This concept was so hard for me to understand. I admit I simply didn’t get it. In fact, I can admit I still don’t completely “get it”.  Questions were swirling around in my head:

  • How could “I” be responsible for someone else’s bad behavior, illness, or misfortune?
  • How was it my problem when someone mistreated me?
  • Had I attracted all the negative things in my life that I had/was experiencing?
  • Was there a better way?

I didn’t like this concept very much at the beginning, but I always did believe that peace “begins” with ME.

Maybe this was how that peace needed to begin – by cleansing myself. Had God, or as some prefer- the Divine, always wanted me to simply heal myself and through my healing “He” would take care of the rest?

I continued listening. As Dr. Hew Len prayed for nothing more than personal healing while repeating the Ho’oponopono mantra, the behavior of the inmates began to change. As he healed himself, the inmates began to heal. Soon inmates who were shackled were released and even allowed to be outside. Others were given less and less medication as their behavior became less aggressive. Many inmates were released from the facility entirely.

 The staff came to work and enjoyed their jobs and eventually the facility closed because there were not enough inmates left to warrant keeping it open!

Even though I didn’t entirely understand Ho’oponopono, I couldn’t stop thinking about Dr. Hew Len and the power of the practice. I began repeating the Ho’oponopono about issues I was facing in my life. I had no idea if it would work but I knew it couldn’t hurt.

In the Ho’oponopono practice the prayers are said to the Divine. For me, I prefer to call the Divine – God – and therefore will make reference as such in my personal story.  As I began healing myself, I began to feel complete peace…

Issues that would have normally had me in turmoil were left in God’s hands. I had no idea what was going to happen but I knew that all I could do was heal myself. In doing so I gave up the control I had always “subconsciously” been seeking. I realized I had always wanted to direct God to do things my way. I had many things in my life figured out so God just needed to get on board! I knew how I wanted my future to move and all my prior prayers had been “motivated” by the idea that I could “direct” my future, by directing my intentions and even directing God.Now I fully understand how our thoughts really DO create our future…

However, as I began practicing Ho’oponopono, I realized that what I “wanted” for my future might not be the “best” so I let go of the expectations and just “believed” that everything that was happening was the best. For the first time in my life I truly exercised “real” faith and trusted that whatever was going to happen was what was suppose to happen and would be the best possible outcome.

I started to like the Ho’oponopono concept because it allowed me to be 100% responsible for no one else but me, and it allowed God to control all the things that were happening outside of my power. I felt free – free to heal – and free to know my future was in the hands of a Higher Power that controlled all the variables I couldn’t control. I realized my thoughts and beliefs allowed that Power, God, to act in accordance with my faith and I had nothing to worry about.

Over the entire weekend I found myself praying the Ho’oponopono mantra each time I felt anger, unforgiveness, blame, frustration or any “negative” emotion emerge. Peace began to flood my soul. I felt forgiveness, love, and compassion. There was no room for negativity and I truly trusted God would work everything out. Ho’oponopono taught me what it truly meant to pray without ceasing – as I returned to the pray constantly to release all negative thoughts.

In one weekend, I felt a power and peace that exceeded anything I had ever experienced. I continue to practice Ho’oponopono daily and I continue to see miracles unfolding around me as I embark on new adventures in my career, create and restore relationships, and live with love and intent, surrendering the details to God. So that’s my story, now let’s start writing yours.

Check out Joe Vitale’s books Zero Limits and At Zero for more information on the amazing power of Ho’oponopono.