How a Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing Program Help Heal Trauma


In order for the body to heal of trauma physical energy is needed. When vitality is low the body does not have enough adaptive energy to heal trauma. Adaptive energy is the type of energy that gives us the ability to handle stress.  In fact, it is often hard enough for most of us to find enough energy to get through daily activities and demands. Some people appear to have a lot of energy but this type of nervous energy is not able to heal trauma and is actually very draining on the adrenals.  Some babies are even born with low adaptive energy due to nutritional deficiencies and toxins that are being stored in their bodies.

Others have just depleted their adaptive energy over time for the same reasons. Either way the healing of trauma is hindered when these conditions exist. When interpreted correctly a hair mineral analysis will show how much energy a person has . Almost all clients enter the program with very low vitality. A depletion of energy traumatizes people while raising one’s energy brings vitality and the healing of trauma to one’s life. The Nutritional Balancing Program I recommend will help each client find the adaptive energy they need to handle stress and heal trauma by raising one’s vitality.


Most people with trauma are not able to really “feel” deeply enough to process trauma properly. Furthermore most clients do not recognize this to be true until they begin the program and regain higher levels of adaptive energy. Often they think they have no trauma even though we all have trauma as discussed in part one of this article. When healing occurs a natural process called retracing will begin and the trauma will heal naturally.  One doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on therapies or experience a lot of pain in order to heal. More on this in a moment.


For anyone to heal of trauma the quality of energy has to be increased. Therefore healing of trauma does not occur just because a person has a lot of energy but rather that the quality of  their energy is increased. Reducing chaos increases the quality of energy the body has which allows the body to function more efficiently. Below is a list of some of the things that can increase chaos and disrupt a person’s quality of energy:

  • Improper diets – wrong diet for oxidative type, poor food, wrong amounts and proportions of foods
  • Bad drinking water – Usually includes drinking too little and in rare cases drinking too much
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies or excesses
  • Lack of sleep
  • Too much of too little exercise
  • Inflammation – often controlled with the correct diet and supplements
  • Stress – This can include using drugs, bad relationships, and other unhealthy lifestyle factors

My Nutritional Balancing Program addresses all the issues of chaos creating quality energy and healing trauma. The program is comprehensive and complete. It is non-evasive and creates energy that “trusts” the wisdom of the body to healing safely and in it’s own time. 


Excessive metals and toxins interfere with normal brain activity and can even create bodily feelings, sensations, ideas and attitudes that are very unhealthy. 

Copper can create fear, depression, brain fog and other mental disorders. It often will be the root cause of headaches, including migraines. Copper interferes with sleep and can cause disrupted sleep or insomnia. Iron is an aggressive metal and excessive amounts of iron are associated with anger and rage. Cadmium will often create a violent attitude and aggressive behavior. Mercury toxicity is associated with timidity and there are many more metals that create a wide range of symptoms as well. 

Therefore toxic metal accumulation often explains a person’s behavior since there is a definite connection between the physical body and mind. For example, if a person remains iron toxic it can be impossible to change or alter their behavior since much of the problem stems from a “physical” issue. The body has to chelate the iron in order for the feelings of rage and anger to dissipate and eventually be healed. 

A Nutritional Balancing Program is designed to help each person regain vitality which then allows the body to chelate in it’s own time. No chelating agents are used as these are very dangerous and can cause more chaos and even illness or disease. It is important to let the body chelate when it is ready and without using invasive chelating agents, even “natural” ones. This process occurs when a person is on a correct Nutritional Balancing Program and other forms of detoxification or chelation are not safe, in my opinion. 


This principle is not recognized in modern medicine, psychology, or psychiatry. These conventional methods choose therapies that are costly and often unnecessary since they do not believe that the brain is a self healing organ. It is important to remember that the brain is extremely delicate, usually very toxic and nutritionally depleted. Trying to control the function of the brain with medications or even forcing someone to relive bad experiences can be very damaging. All medications have toxic side effects and reliving trauma can cause more harm than good. 

When the brain is provided with the correct nutrients through a properly designed Nutritional Balancing Program, it has the ability to heal through natural detoxification and the return of a balance of various mineral ratios that control brain function. 


In order to heal of trauma one often must reduce stress and eliminate the “fight or flight” response. When the sympathetic nervous system is overly active, the body is not able to heal from trauma. The Nutritional Balancing Program I recommend gives a client tools to help them reduce the stress reaction and therefore heal of trauma. Proper diet, removing toxins, reflexology, deep breathing, and meditation can be used to help the client learn how to relax and handle stress.

My Nutritional Balancing Program addresses trauma by creating more quality “healing” energy. There are other methods that I can recommend as needed for each individual client. The good news is that although we all have trauma it is effectively treated through a Nutritional Balancing Program. It also doesn’t require years of “talk” therapy or medications to heal. The natural healing that occurs is not emotionally painful and occurs as the adaptive energy increases and the body is “ready” to heal. Therefore whatever trauma is being healed often does not “feel” intense or unmanageable and is healed quickly and fairly painlessly when on the program. 

Contact me today about how you can heal your body, both physically and mentally, including healing “trauma” using my Nutritional Balancing Program. It all starts with a simple hair analysis. Click on my HAIR ANALYSIS AND CONSULTATION PACKAGES tab for information on how YOU can begin your journey to healing today. 

For more information on trauma read the following article written by my mentor and colleague Dr. Wilson’s at his website: www.drlwilson.com. You can use his search engine to find the article TRAUMA RELEASE.


Dr. Wilson – www.drlwislon.com – Trauma Release – April 2013