Why you should choose Holistic Wellness from Within:


  • A customized report explaining all your ratios and levels, including imbalances and toxicity. This includes the ARL graph with notes marking your patterns and a handout with a detailed explanation of your patterns and trends.
  • An audio file or CD (30-to 45 minutes) explaining your report so you can look at your results and follow along with me as I explain the report to you.
  • A Program Design Sheet designed just for you! You will see exactly what supplements you need, along with your diet and lifestyle recommendations.
  • A second audio file or CD (30– 45 minutes) explaining your diet, supplement and total program. You can listen to the this audio file or CD while looking at your Program Design Sheet.
  • A supplement order form that will show you what supplements you need to order from Endomet. You will be given a metabolic pak designed for YOUR metabolic rate as well as a few other products formulated to bring your ratios into balance! My Mineral Balancing program is extremely affordable. You can use the order form to call or fax your order directly to Endomet. Please ask Endomet about the client discount that you are eligible to receive as my client – A great perk!
  • ENDOMET SUPPLEMENTS:  These products are designed SPECIFICALLY for your needs and Mineral Balancing Programs and cannot be purchased anywhere else or at discount prices anywhere- not in stores or on the net!
  • An eating plan based on your unique needs.
  • Informative handouts that YOU need to read to understand your imbalances and health issues, along with your personal files, report and program information.
  • FREE Access to me via email or phone to address any and all your questions or concerns. Your access to ask questions via email and phone are NOT limited  – no additional cost. (Good luck finding this kind of personal service anywhere else)! PHONE consultations are free for both clients and non-clients!
  • ONE-ON-ONE COACHING for clients who want more accountability! (Check out the link for details.
  • Programs are delivered via email or mail 2 to 3 weeks after I have received your Hair Mineral Analysis report.
  • No refunds are given. If for any reason you do not receive your results and program packet, contact me and I will resend them.
  • Click here for details on the MINERAL BALANCING PROGRAM and PROCEDURES here! 

Why Everyone Should Have a Hair Analysis Before eating another meal, taking ANY supplements, or beginning a detoxification program.

Do you or anyone you know experience any of the following:

Heart disease
Muscle aches/pains
Weight loss
Weight gain
Skin Issues
Hair Loss
Thyroid dysfunction
Adrenal Burn Out
Sexual Dysfunction
Other Sleep Issues
Inability to focus
Inability to Concentrate
Anger or Anxiety
Digestive Issues
High Blood Pressure
Brain Fog
Lack of Energy or Stamina
Diabetes or Sugar Imbalances
Memory Loss
High blood pressure AND MORE!

Does your doctor tell you that you are fine even though you “feel” lousy?
Do you want more energy to do daily activities and enjoy life so you always feel on top of your game?
If you answered yes to any of the above, or you are just a preventative alternative medicine advocate, continue reading this important information.

How would you like to address these issues without the use of drugs? What would you say if I told you I can help you find answers to many of your health issues, from fatigue to insomnia, to more serious issues by adjusting your nutrients through diet, lifestyle and proper supplementation?

What if I told you that by properly balancing your body’s nutrients, eliminating oxidative stress, and addressing your toxicity levels through a properly designed eating plan, correct supplementation, non-invasive natural detox protocols, and healthy lifestyle choices, you could increase your energy levels and possibly prevent serious illnesses such as cancer? Well read on, because your body holds the answers.

Your hair holds secrets you need to know! Secrets of what is happening at the cellular level of the body.  It’s hard to believe that those strands on top of your head can be so revealing. Even blood, for all its powerful diagnosing properties, can be a red herring. It simply doesn’t reveal some of the life altering secrets of your body that the hair can.

If you have a blood test or urine test it will only show you your body’s mineral levels at the time of the test, that’s it. For example, Let’s say you eat a banana on or around the time of your blood test. The test may reveal a high potassium level, which can skew your results and show an adequate level of potassium exists, when in reality you may be potassium deficient. This could happen for any number of foods and dietary needs.

On the other hand, when you have a Hair Mineral Analysis it will give you your overall level of potassium – your ACTUAL storage levels over a period of time, not just a reflection of your recent diet for the day or week.

See what I mean? Blood, urine and saliva tests can really miss the boat when it comes to balancing your body’s minerals and determining your toxicity levels. Blood will rob minerals from the cells to attempt to maintain homeostasis. So blood tests can often look great when in essence the body is being robbed of essential minerals at the cellular level. And urine and saliva provide the same type of misleading information. A Hair Mineral Analysis reveals what is happening at the cellular level, which is a deeper level than what blood is able to measure.

Having the right balance of essential nutrients, and allowing the body to remove deadly toxins, is the key to finding vitality. The key to this information lies in your hair.

When I know the toxicity levels in your body, the nutritional deficiencies, and mineral imbalances that are happening to you right now, I can help you take the right steps to achieve optimum health. And all this information can be discovered in an inexpensive and painless test called a Hair Mineral Analysis.

The results are like pieces of a puzzle and I put them together for you so you can find optimal wellness. The recommendations I give you are just for you and completely individualized! They come from carefully analyzing your results and determining what your body needs. For example:

  • Did you know there are THREE types of metabolisms – (fast, slow and mixed) and then several variations of each of each of these metabolic rates?
  • Did you know that your eating plan needs to be developed around your own personal metabolic rate and your unique relationship to food?
  • Did you know that you you cannot determine your metabolic rate by just looking at your weight or how you feel?
  • Did you know that a Hair Mineral Analysis will reveal your metabolic rate allowing me to develop the proper eating plan and supplement program for you – your own Mineral Balancing Program?
  • Did you know a hair analysis from Holistic Wellness From Within includes a Mineral Balancing Program designed to restore adrenal and thyroid function, help you find more energy, prevent illness, heal and regain your health? Click here for more information on and details on  the MINERAL BALANCING PROGRAM.

Unlike other Hair Mineral Analysis reports offered on line – ALL my reports not only include your Mineral Balancing Program but you have free access to me by email or phone to ask questions and clarify any recommendations. I am here to help you with your program! Office visits are available for additional fees and by appointment only, and while they are not needed, they can be scheduled!

Your diet and vitamins can cause you more harm than good even if you are eating good foods and taking super supplements! Without a hair analysis, there is no way to know what types of food you should be eating and supplements you should be taking.

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1. Pick one of the affordable Hair Analysis and Mineral Balancing Program packages below either Profile 1 or Profile 2.
  • Step 2. Submit your hair sample to me in the mail (don’t worry; I’ll send you specific directions on how to cut and send the hair along with a simple form to complete and return to me).
  • Step 3. Once I receive your results from the lab you will receive the following packet of information via mail or email (your choice):


  • Hair Mineral Analysis and Mineral Balancing Program – Profile 1 – This option includes an interpretation report from ARL. It is an excellent booklet around 25 to 40 pages,(or more), of interpretation data about your test including information on your stage of stress, oxidation rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, immune system, autonomic balance, glandular activity and metabolic trends. This is a nice option, especially if it is the first time you are doing the Hair Mineral Analysis.
  • Hair Mineral Analysis and Mineral Balancing Program – Profile 2 – This option does not include the booklet from ARL, but still includes all the other information listed above, including the ARL graph with my personalized notes. You will still receive your entire program and everything you need, including my support, to work with your Nutritional Balancing Program.
  • Hair Mineral Analysis Retest – If you are doing this test for the 2nd or any follow-up time, you will receive a progress and comparison analysis and suggested modifications, along with an audio file or CD. To order a Hair Mineral Analysis Retest, choose one of options below as RETESTS are discounted!



NEW Client Hair Analysis Profile 1 – WITH ARL Booklet        

NEW Client Hair Analysis $199.00 -With ARL Booklet – FREE 1st Class Shipping


  OR $209 PRIORITY Shipping

NEW Client Hair Analysis Profile 2 – WITHOUT ARL Booklet

NEW Client Hair Analysis $179.00 -Without ARL Booklet – FREE 1st Class Shipping

OR $189 PRIORITY Shipping


RETEST Client Hair Analysis Profile 1 – WITH ARL Booklet       

RETEST Client Hair Analysis $179.00 -($20 Discount) – With ARL Booklet         


OR $189 PRIORITY Shipping

RETEST  Client Hair Analysis Profile 2 – WITHOUT Booklet           

RETEST Client Hair Analysis $159 – ($20 Discount)- (Without Booklet) – FREE 1st Class Shipping


OR $169 PRIORITY Shipping