Fatigue makes it impossible for people to see themselves as they really are!  As people’s mineral levels become imbalanced they gradually start to lose their sense of awareness. They no longer really “know” what they really want nor can they define their purpose in life. Energy is zapped not just from their body, but also from their mind. Once a person is ill, he can no longer tell that his level of awareness is diminished. Tragically this is often when he is asked to make crucial and life-changing decisions about his health.

This is just one of the many reasons I urge you to take control of your health now. When you are sick or even just fatigued you see a distorted view of the world.  In most cases, the more distorted the mineral imbalances are, the more distorted the awareness is. I see this in my clients. Their logic and reason is often very irrational and while I have many tools to help them, it can be very challenging to keep an imbalanced client on track and working towards better health. A change in diet and a proper supplementation program brings the minerals back to a normal balance and awareness back to the client.

In many ways, individuals who lack energy suffer from the same distorted perceptive as women who suffer from anorexia. Women with anorexia see themselves as fat, when in reality they are underweight. Everyone else can see this reality but the woman’s self-awareness has diminished to the point that she can’t see anything but her own perceptions.

Men and women who have mineral imbalances are often fatigued, even if they don’t realize it. They see themselves as sweet, kind and loving individuals when in reality they are not loving at all. In fact, they are often selfish because they are fighting for their own well- being and have no energy left to care about anyone else. They can be paranoid and think negatively about much of the world around them, even if they do not express it, and often they don’t even realize they have these feelings.  Many deep negative emotions are buried due to their lack of vitality and inability to deal with negative feelings, traumas and/or experiences.

Until the mineral levels are better balanced, they can never see the true picture. They often will see themselves as victims and the practice of Ho’oponopono, including taking responsibility for everything in their lives if an impossible concept. Their views will always be distorted until they the minerals are brought into better balance. Physically balancing the minerals in the body also brings emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.

Once an individual’s minerals become balanced, he will laugh at his own misfortune, rather than blaming everyone else for his problems. A healthy and energetic person accepts reality, without anger. A healthy person can see himself for who he really is and this is the first step to real happiness.

You can begin your journey today by having a simple hair analysis. With a hair analysis, I can give you a diet and supplement program that will bring your body back in balance and healing can begin. You will notice an increase in energy as your oxidation level improves and self-awareness will increase as you become balanced. This is your first step to finding optimal energy, preventing future illness, healing current ailments, and discovering real happiness.


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