Do you ever wonder if it’s possible to lose weight and be healthy without becoming an exercise fanatic? Can an exercise junkie and a couch potato both have weight issues? Exercise Junkies often hit middle age and become FAT and couch potatoes may be fat and/or always struggle with weight loss.

Read on to discover what you have in common and how my program can help you lose weight and better yet – FIND OPTIMAL WELLNESS AND LOTS OF ENERGY!

Let me start by addressing EXERCISE ADDICTION. First of all, I understand obsession with exercise, as I was an exercise junkie for many years. Until I learned the truth about TOO much exercise…

Now that I work with HAIR MINERAL ANALYSIS I understand how dangerous rigorous exercise can be. Let me begin by addressing adrenal burn-out, the most serious health issue that arises from vigorous exercise and/or over exercising.

Exercise is stress and too much stress of ANY kind is hard on the adrenals. It causes the adrenals to overwork creating mineral imbalances that cause various systems of the body to work improperly or not at all. Thyroid and adrenal issues are common in people who exercise often.

A thyroid and/or adrenal issue can show up at any time and present a host of problems, even death. My colleagues and I believe that young athletes that “drop” dead from heart problems or other undiagnosed issues are adrenal depleted.

Furthermore as we age, our stress increases, and we continue to overload our bodies with stress from poor diets, lack of sleep, bad habits, bad relationships, demanding careers and more. Too many stress hormones are being produced too often. Eventually our adrenals wear out, we become fat, and/or illness sets in.

One of the first signs of adrenal overload is Syndrome X. Did you ever see someone who had a lot of belly fat? Often these people are weight lifters or even skinny people who just carry excess fat around the middle. While it can be equated to having a “beer” belly, it is also seen in people who don’t drink.

Syndrome X can occur when the pancreas secretes too much insulin, which often is a result of adrenals being forced to work too hard. The stubborn belly fat we see in clients with Syndrome X needs a special mineral balancing program determined by their hair analysis to balance the body! More exercise is not the answer. This is why you often see people who eat little, work out a lot, and still remain fat – especially around the middle.

Having trained in a gym I can attest to seeing this occur all the time. Trainers often make the problem worse by asking clients to eat even less and work out more. It becomes a vicious cycle that isn’t broken unless the SOURCE of the problem is addressed. The source is an imbalance that I can help cure with a nutritional balancing program that includes the right diet and appropriate supplements for EACH individual based on the results of a hair analysis.

The results of a hair analysis will allow me to SEE imbalances that are causing adrenal fatigue and help FIX the problem. I never have a client count calories and rest is often needed for adrenal recovery and yes even weight loss.

Many of you are ADDICTED to exercise. The reason is that exercise “whips” the adrenals into producing more endorphins so you “feel” better – but be warned this is temporary. You are wringing the life out of the adrenals and in the end; this does more harm than good. In order to be healthy often one must get in touch with fatigue and REST! I only recommend light exercises for exercise addicts, along with the right food and supplements. This allows them to lose weight and eventually have MORE energy – contrary to the popular belief that they need to do more and eat less to see results!

So here’s the good news. I am not condoning a couch potato lifestyle BUT I am telling you that MOST of you need to do nothing more than light exercise and then follow my program. Having a hair analysis will allow me to put you on the right path so you can find your perfect weight and optimal wellness.

If you are addicted to exercise endorphins, you are certainly in the danger zone and it’s time to get out. Contact me right away to discuss a hair mineral analysis and learn how you can save your health.

If you are a couch potato, I can help you find the energy you need to begin moving “lightly” – NO hard exercise like you see on “The Biggest Loser”! (Ever wonder how many of these people are able to maintain this extreme “quick” weight loss)? – Eventually the body is smarter than poorly designed – UNHEALTHY programs and the weight returns! My program will give you health, vitality and energy – rebalancing your body to work properly!