It is that time of year again. The weather changes and we become prone to sniffles and other cold symptoms.

I begin to get lots of questions requesting remedies for cold symptoms. This is a very hard question to answer because as a Nutritional Balancing Practitioner I know that remedies are not cures. Covering up symptoms with remedies are not truly healing and often interfere with the body’s ability to heal the cold on it’s own. When we interfere with the healing process several things happen:

  1. We disrupt the body’s ability to fight the infection or symptoms on it’s own which strengthens the immune system. We all want a stronger immune system which means we sometimes may have to experience the unpleasant side-effects of being ill while we heal. Short circuiting the healing process can weaken the immune system.
  2. Many remedies, including natural herbs, are slightly toxic. Besides being toxic, the remedy, even if it is natural, is still interfering with the body’s natural healing process.
  3. Remedies can upset the delicate balance of a Nutritional Balancing Program. Feeling better quickly can have a price tag and negate some of the hard work you have done with your program.
  4. Remember that cold-like symptoms can be a retracing. If the body is retracing, it is moving long term infections out of the body permanently! This is a good thing, even if it doesn’t feel so good.

Here are few things you can safely do when you feel under the weather:

  1. Eat well by following your Nutritional Balancing program. Avoid all sugar which only feeds fungus and infections and eat your veggies!
  2. Drink plenty of water. 3 quarts, and possibly a little more, when you feel ill. Being hydrated will help the body heal quickly.
  3. SLEEP – Get  more rest. I know we are all busy but it is necessary to get extra sleep when you are not well so the body has more energy to heal. Take naps and get to bed earlier. Listen to your body and don’t fight the fatigue.
  4. Do NOT exercise – Overexercising is very hard on the adrenals, even when you are well. However, when you are sick, the adrenals need even more support and energy. Conserving energy is very important to healing.

If your symptoms are severe or linger, please contact me. If you are client, complete the Client Question Form. Dr. Wilson and I may temporarily change your supplement regime for a few days or make individual recommendations if needed. Don’t make changes before asking for assistance.

As you get healthier, these annoying symptoms become less intense and often go away. After being on the program for years, I stopped catching colds and flus. I feel much better! My healing reactions are fewer and farther between and less annoying.

Healing takes time so stay on the journey and don’t give up! Take care of yourself and trade the temporary “remedy” for your program which brings true healing and a real cure.