This report is designed to help you review your journey on your Nutritional Balancing Program – from the first day to the present!

This report is only for clients who have had three or more Hair Analysis tests.

NEW SERVICE: I am offering a Client Comparison Report for clients with THREE or more hair analysis tests. With this report you will receive a spreadsheet with ALL your test results on one color coded sheet so you can view the improvements and see what areas need work. PLUS You will receive an audio file that explains the report in detail and gives you tips on how to break stubborn patterns and/or move to the next level of healing. This is a great way to monitor your journey and assist you in a deeper understanding of your own personal journey on your road to wellness. The cost is $75 for a comparison of 3 hair analysis and $25 for each additional analysis after three.

Email or call to order your report and I will invoice you for the service via Paypal.