What you need to Know about Bioresonance 

You need Bioresonance now – more than ever! 

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Bioresoance is intended to improve your overall health in ALL areas and provides excellent support to enhance your whole body, including your immune system. Read on.

Bioresonance scanning uses the electromagnetic system of the body to setup frequency sequences that challenge the patient’s bio-communication system. This technique uses light to scan the tissues of the body, as it recognizes and applies therapy to disease. Bioresonance is based on the knowledge that the entire body is held together at the subatomic level by light. That light is the primary communication medium of the body, and that every problem in the body sets up a unique frequency which can be tested through light. Bioresonance provides non-invasive scans for recognizing various stressors and then allows therapy to be applied to correct these issues.

The Bioresonance machine I use is call Oberon. For more details on the Oberon click on the link. 

At Holistic Wellness From Within, I do not diagnose disease. However, the benefit of Bioresonance technology is to apply meta-therapy to what is “suffering” in the body and aid the body in healing. This is determined by the first full body scan and your input. Using Bioresonance alone can be helpful, but the best results come when Bioresonance is used in conjunction with your Mineral Balancing program. My clients on Mineral Balancing programs will receive a discounted price on Bioresonance packages!

If you have been on a Mineral Balancing program and feel “stuck”, this is an extremely helpful tool in moving energy so you can feel better and your Mineral Balancing program can work more effectively. While I do not treat disease, I do know that it is important to help clients feel better as quickly as possible. Bioresonance offers you this opportunity!

The basic rule of thumb is that for every year you have been ill, you need a month of therapy to see improvement. As with all my programs, this helps the body heal from the inside out.

Even if you have no serious underlying issues, you can still benefit from the use of Bioresonance as it works on a very deep level. Often underlining issues have not been identified, but your scans will show areas that need attention, and meta-therapies can be applied accordingly, to keep pathology and microorganisms from becoming full-blown dis-ease or illness.

To begin, a total body scan is performed, and meta-therapies are applied to the system that has the most issues (as revealed on your report). I can also apply meta-therapies to specific issues such as insomnia, depression, skin issues – just to name a few.

Bioresonance can be done without ever walking into an office! Your energy is attached to every part of your body so by simply sending me a sample of finger or toenails, I can perform a scan and apply meta-therapies. In the first months of having the Oberon scanner, I have helped clients with viruses, depression, insomnia and more. I have applied meta-therapy to a client who had a “twitching” eye and the twitching ceased. I have seen many nasty viruses move to “inactive” as these viruses are destroyed through the meta-therapies. I have treated people in Indonesia and France, as well as in areas close to home and I never cease to be amazed at the results!

How to purchase and what YOU need to do:

  1. Choose your package. Use the Paypal buttons. If you don’t have a Paypal account please send me an email and request the forms which can be sent to you via email or mail. Payment will need to be sent with the nail samples.
  2. When payment is received, you will receive a form and waiver to complete, or you complete the form online Bioresonance Intake FormI will not perform scans until this information is returned to me either through email or mail.
  3. After you submit payment, send your toenails, or fingernails, to me in a small sealed envelope. Try to send at least 5 to 6 nails and make sure they are not polished.
  4. Please put your name, the date the nails were cut, your birth date, and sex on the envelope. Nails should be sent every month, if possible. If you are overseas, do your best to get new nails to me within 2 to 3 months.
  5. You will receive an update on your progress with a chart and audio file approximately every 2 months.
  6. If you become ill, therapies can be changed to address your illness and may need to be applied more often for the duration of your package.

What I do:

  1. I will contact you when your first scan is complete and your first meta-therapies are administered.
  2. The initial scan will show the system that is the weakest and this system will receive meta-therapy for at least one month, (and more if needed), before moving to another system.
  3. Meta-therapies will be administered 3X’s a week as recommended by Oberon.
  4. I may apply therapies for ONE other issue as needed based on the information you have shared to help relieve symptoms you may be experiencing. It is not wise to give too many meta-therapies to too many things at once or use this healing process to “chase” pain. However, sometimes pain is alleviated quickly! Other times it may longer, but trust the process and let the meta-therapies do their magic.
  5. Please share short regular (weekly, more if needed) emails regarding any changes you experience so I can adjust your meta-therapies if needed.
  6. Tinctures for various issues may be recommended. Tinctures are made for “you” and address the issues you are experiencing. They are available to purchase and provide “extra” care. Each tincture is good for one month. The cost for the tincture is $33, which includes shipping.

Bioresonance is offered on a first come, first serve basis with Mineral Balancing clients receiving a discount on services. (You must have tested or retested in the past 6 months to receive this discount). I have one scanner so once I am booked you will be placed on a waiting list. I will make a note by the Paypal buttons if I am not taking more clients, so please check before purchasing. If you see this note, please ask to be put on the waiting list and you will have first priority to receive service when space is open.

If you haven’t already looked  -you can check out MORE information on Oberon by clicking here!


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