I have amazing news regarding the future of Holistic Wellness from Within and future hair analysis for ALL of my clients! If you are potential client, you will want to start this process now so you can begin regaining your energy and finding optimal wellness  so read on and then visit my hair analysis page to start your journey!

To begin, let me assure you that all my clients have always gotten the best I find to offer in services. My programs are designed individually for each and every client and they work.

Over the past years, I have been disappointed with many of the recommendations coming from the lab I used for the hair analysis. I didn’t agree with many of the recommendations, nor did I like the supplement program. Often I felt the supplements weren’t right for my clients and the quality of the supplements offered were not up to my standards.

I am always continuing my education in my field of expertise and recently I studied a new book by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, “Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis -A New Science of Energy”. The research was amazing and not only confirmed my concerns about the protocol I was receiving from the lab but also directed me towards a NEW lab. It is important to note that there are only TWO labs in the entire country that do not wash the hair samples which is a necessity in providing accurate mineral readings. And I was using one of those labs.

Since I loved the book, I contacted Dr. Lawrence Wilson and he advised me as to how I could open an account with Analytical Research Laboratories (ARL).

I applied to work with ARL and they accepted my application that now allows me to use their lab for all hair analysis.

Now that I am working with ARL, I will be teaming up with Dr. Wilson as well. Dr. Wilson, as well as myself will look at all my client’s hair analysis programs. I will still write and monitor my client’s programs but I will have an expert reviewing all my work! I am completely confident in all the programs I have delivered to my clients but I am always looking to learn and this is an excellent opportunity for me to broaden my skills.

Dr. Wilson had the privilege to work with the late Dr. Paul Eck, the pioneer of hair mineral analysis work. He has over 35 years of experience in the field and I know I will expand my knowledge of the field working with him.

I look forward to this exciting opportunity and to working with each of you to help you find REAL wellness and optimal energy in your life.

Please check out the Q & A section below. I will be writing regular educational articles about Hair Mineral Analysis. If you have specific questions you would like answered please contact me at my site through the contact page and I will answer your questions and possibly write about these issues in future articles.



Q: Will this affect the cost of a hair analysis?

A: The answer is NO! Yes, the lab fees are slightly more but I will absorb the difference since I also see this as a great opportunity for me to work with Dr. Wilson. The cost will remain the same to you since I want to help as many people as possible and keeping my fees reasonable allows me to reach more clients.

Q: What are the benefits of the analysis when performed by ARL?

A: ARL is far ahead of their competitors when it comes to research. Their standards are higher and their “norms” are superior to the larger “norm” ranges used by other labs.

Q: How do the supplements compare with the supplements recommended by other labs?

A: ARL has a sister lab where the supplements are produced. These supplements are superior to anything else on the market. They contain exactly what you need to “balance” your minerals and heal most ailments naturally. The supplements you “need” to take are determined only after you hair analysis is reviewed.

Q: Why do I need supplements? Can’t I just adjust my diet and get everything I need from eating the right foods?

A: In a perfect world, this may be possible. However, today’s food supply is not as nutrient dense as it was even 50 years ago. The “right” supplements are needed to balance the body correctly and this varies for each individual.

Q: Why can’t I just take a good quality vitamin?

A: First, because vitamins are not created to address mineral imbalances. A fast and slow oxidizer will need more of certain vitamins and less of others. Multivitamins are not created with this in mind and therefore only make the imbalances worse -not better. Secondly, a hair analysis will show me whatever additional minerals you need MORE of and those you need to avoid. For example, everyone should NOT take vitamin C but most people think vitamin C is great for everyone. However, until you have a hair mineral analysis, you cannot know what you really need and what you don’t. This is why it is CRUCIAL to have a hair analysis before beginning a supplementation program or starting a proper diet.