My program is designed to balance the body, restore adrenal function, and address oxidative stress and toxicity.  Healing takes energy and by following your program the body can discover the energy it needs to heal. There are two main parts to the program:

  1. Balancing the body’s chemistry through an individualized supplement program and eating plan.
  2. Reducing and addressing oxidative stress (free radicals), and toxicity so the body can heal  and future illness and disease may be prevented.

The basic Endomet supplements recommended are needed to help restore mineral balance. A properly balanced body restores adrenal and thyroid function allowing the body to find and maintain health. It is also able to detox effectively without the use of harmful chelators.

Your individualized eating plan will help you fine tune your diet and provide you with exactly what you need to find optimal wellness and/or heal.

Other protocols, as recommended on your program upon completion of your Hair Analysis, are recommended but optional.

Retesting, (a hair analysis), every 3 – 4 months is recommended in order to review results and revise your program as needed. Retesting will give you assurance and allow you to see your progress as you scientifically review the results.

NO guesswork is used on this program as it is based on SCIENCE!