I am excited to announce that Analytical Research Laboratory (ARL) has recently updated their lab booklets to include more educational information. If you are purchasing a Hair Analysis/Nutritional Balancing Program and choose Option 1 you will receive the booklet with your packet. With either Option, 1 or 2, you receive a full report and program design but the additional ARL information is nice to have.


REPLACEMENT THERAPY – I understand this common approach to hair analysis as this is how I understood it worked until I trained and studied with Dr. Wilson. After years of first hand experience, I guarantee you that mineral balance and wellness does not occur following the protocol I call “replacement therapy”. Balancing minerals is far more complicated and requires understanding how the body works in a synergistic manner to achieve balance. Now let me explain how my interpretation of a hair analysis test is different from other practitioners.

DR. WILSON’S PROTOCOL – I have been trained and continue to work directly with Dr. Lawrence Wilson. Dr. Wilson worked for over 30 years with Paul Eck and continues research in the hair analysis and Nutritional Balancing (NB) field. His understanding of balancing minerals and detoxing metals is very different from other alternative practitioners.

BALANCING MINERALS – Mineral balancing does not occur by looking at a hair analysis and then recommending supplements based on a person’s deficiency or excessive retention of any given mineral. Minerals are excreted by the kidneys, or elevated and stored in the body, when improper ratios of various hormones are being produced. It is far more complicated than simply taking a mineral the body is deficient in, or removing a mineral that the body has too much of, and assuming balance will occur. For example, I have had clients take large amounts of potassium, (without my approval), and never elevate the potassium level because they were not following my recommendations. On the other hand, if a report shows large amounts of biounavailable calcium and magnesium, I will still recommend Paramin, a bioavailable source of calcium and magnesium that is produced from Endomet because the client still needs a bioavailable source of calcium and magnesium, even though it is elevated on the report.

METALS AND POOR ELIMINATORS – Everyone is always exposed to toxic chemicals and metals, especially in today’s toxic environment. Ideally a “clean and healthy” person should always be eliminating a “normal” amount of all toxic metals as the body naturally detoxes to maintain health. The “normal” limit that I use as a guideline varies from metal to metal and I follow Dr. Wilson’s guidelines for elimination.

Typically a practitioner will look at a report that shows little or no elimination of one of the nine metals we monitor and then determine that the person has NO toxicity of that metal. This is very far from true and a dangerous assumption. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there! When the body is imbalanced natural detoxification often does not occur. Perhaps the oxidation rate is too slow or the minerals are imbalanced but either way the body does not have the energy to eliminate metals. We call these metals POOR ELIMINATORS.

Poor elimination occurs when the body is storing toxins. The toxins can be stored in organs, tissues, or fat cells. If the toxins are left in “storage” they can create a number of illnesses or disease, from thyroid issues to diabetes to cancer, to Parkinson’s disease, just to name a few,

My program is designed to give the body the vitality it needs to naturally, (without the use of dangerous chelators), detox. Natural detoxification can take years and is a lot like deep cleaning a very dirty house. Cleaning takes place in layers, in spurts and over time, but it is safe and non-threatening to the body.

Retests are even trickier to understand and need to be interpreted using different protocol than one would use to read a new client’s report. I will write more about retest in my next article.

Please carefully choose a practitioner who uses hair analysis as a tool for designing programs. I would recommend that you only work with a practitioner from Dr. Wilson’s site.

You can purchase a hair analysis from my Hair Analysis or Nutritional Balancing Page. If you have further questions, please visit my contact page and I will be glad to assist you.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to healing and wellness!