At the Holistic Wellness from Within LLC you will receive the following with a Hair Analysis Consultation:

  • Hair Analysis Report with a complete explanation of the results via Audio File 1
  • Individualized Eating Plan for your Oxidation Type Diet (no counting calories, fat grams or points)
  • Personalized Program that gives you the EXACT supplements you NEED to balance your body – based on your hair analysis – all your plan is written AND explained on Audio File 2
  • Ongoing Tips and Resources plus FREE follow up
  • Adrenal Analysis and Restoration Plan
  • Personalized Program that gives you the EXACT supplements you NEED to balance your body – based on your hair analysis – all your plan is written AND explained on Audio File 2
  • Adrenal Analysis and Restoration Plan
  • And many more…. plus I can work with anyone anywhere.  No meeting/appointment is necessary but APPOINTMENTS (OPTIONAL IN PERSON) are available at an additional fee – visit the appointment page or call 609-468-4220 for more information!
  • For detailed information on these services visit the Hair Mineral Analysis page or my Nutritional Balancing Program page.


Does Holistic Wellness from Within™ offer Detox Programs?

Yes and no….read on. I work with clients to balance their body so it begins to detox naturally. Our bodies know how to detox and when they are balanced and healthy, they begin to dump toxins on their own!  Chelation and other artificial means of “stimulating” detoxification can mobilize toxins that aren’t ready to be moved.

This can create illness and is very dangerous. I work with you to teach you how to safely detox without the use of drugs or dangerous chelators.  Through the correct diet and supplement program, designed for you from your hair analysis, you will detox naturally and without causing more illness or creating serious problems.

Anyone can walk into a health food store and buy any number of detox kits and often they do more harm than good!  While removing toxins from the body is extremely important, allowing the body to do so in the correct manner is of even more importance. Don’t throw your money away on expensive detoxes and cleanses! Spend that money on a simple hair analysis and you will have an inexpensive and safe program that will allow you to detox naturally.

Are Vitamins and Supplements included as part of a Holistic Wellness from Within™ program?

At Holistic Wellness from Within LLC, I believe that food is our main source of nutrients. However SUPPLEMENTS are necessary since the soil from where our food is harvested as not as nutrient-dense as it used to be and we need supplements designed to address the imbalances in our bodies.

Supplements from Endomet

Endomet makes supplements, including metabolic paks, glandulars, and minerals that are designed to balance the body. I can recommend just the right Endomet supplements for you based on the results of your hair analysis. Together I, and Dr. Wilson, devise a very precise supplement program that will restore your body to optimal wellness. Plus, all my clients receive a 20% discount on all Endomet supplements and should order directly form the lab. If you are not a client, you can order your ENDOMET SUPPLEMENTS on this page.

Ready To Order your Hair Analysis?

Still have questions: Use the Contact Form to email me or call me at 609-468-4220.

  • Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing Program – Profile 1 – This option includes an interpretation report from ARL. It is an excellent booklet around 25 to 40 pages,(or more), of interpretation data about your test including information on your stage of stress, oxidation rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, immune system, autonomic balance, glandular activity and metabolic trends. This is a nice option, especially if it is the first time you are doing the Hair Mineral Analysis.
  • Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing Program – Profile 2 – This option does not include the booklet from ARL, but still includes all the other information listed above, including the ARL graph with my personalized notes. You will still receive your entire program and everything you need, including my support, to work with your Nutritional Balancing Program.
  • Hair Mineral Analysis Retest – If you are doing this test for the 2nd or any follow-up time, you will receive a progress and comparison analysis and suggested modifications, along with an audio file or CD. To order a Hair Mineral Analysis Retest, choose one of the profiles below. The prices are the same for tests/retests.
  • APPOINTMENTS (OPTIONAL IN PERSON):If you are local and prefer to schedule an appointment check out this link to view your options. My office is located in Allenhurst NJ. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL FEE FOR APPOINTMENTS and while they are not needed they are available for clients who prefer to meet in person. I work remotely with clients all over the world and therefore appointments are optional. ALSO – Appointments can be purchased for other services such as NLP, Meditation, Ho’noponopono, Yoga, and Pilates by clicking on this link.

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