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What is Holistic Wellness?

A holistic approach to health and wellness brings you to a greater awareness of your body, mind, and spirit so that you can function at your optimal level. By carefully considering all areas of your life, ranging from nutritional needs to stress levels and sleep patterns, I work with you to create the optimal health and wellness plan tailored to meet your specific needs. Since I use the hair analysis as my guide, your program is very scientific and results can be easily monitored.

My program addresses adrenal health and other issues that cause many clients’ to experience symptoms such as chronic fatigue. Through your hair analysis she can see exactly how well your adrenal and thyroid is functioning as well as other systems in the body. While teaching you how to address issues now I am offering healing and preventative services that can keep these issues from becoming serious health problems in the future.

My program helps people heal most ailments naturally and without medication.

How is Holistic Wellness from Within different from a traditional visit to the doctor, dietitian or Personal Trainer?

As Ben Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The approach I use is entirely different than most conventional and even alternative methods you have seen before.

I differ from most holistic medicine doctors in that I design programs to help your body heal and function properly rather than giving you herbs and supplements that “work” for your organs. Everybody is unique and has different nutritional requirements. What is good for one person can be  “poison” to another.

For example, I believe that most clients can have a functioning thyroid so rather than refer them to doctors who prescribes holistic forms of medication that work “for” the thyroid; I help my clients find the right path to “heal” the thyroid so it begins to work properly. Even holistic medications can be a band-aid to a problem!

While a quick visit to the doctor can give you medicine to alleviate certain symptoms and offers emergency relief, you often find that your problem resurfaces. My programs bring healing, weight loss or gain as needed, and balance to the body and without hard exercise that is taxing to the adrenals.

A Mineral Balancing Program from Holistic Wellness from Within program will give you the exact program that you need for your body to begin to heal or prevent illness. You give your body the opportunity it desires it heal and it will do the work. You do the healing.

As you browse through this website you will realize that this is the place where you can find the answers to all your health and wellness needs. Whether you are looking to discover optimal health, or to lose weight, increase your energy levels, repair your adrenals, detox your body or simply prevent dis-ease, Holistic Wellness from Within has services and solutions that are designed solely for you.

My work begins with a hair analysis that allows me to customize your program based only on your needs. This will put your body back in homeostasis, help you dump the toxins you are storing and allow the body to heal or prevent future illness. My program helps you heal your body at the root cause of symptoms, rather than covering the symptoms with a “temporary” fix.

Holistic Wellness from Within has the answers for YOU –  with programs that are designed SPECIFICALLY for you and your unique needs.

Consultations are available no matter where you live so don’t leave your health to chance. Read more about how you can work with me at my Hair Mineral Analysis or Mineral Balancing page. Or use the “Contact Us” page to email or call me for more information.